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Best Smartphone Microphones

Are you searching for the Best Smartphone Microphones? You’re at the right place. Read on to know more.

We live in an era where we are surrounded by technological gadgets only. So, there is nothing wrong in saying that we live in a Technological Era.

In all of these technologies which we are surrounded by, the one technology that has become a necessity of our daily life and we keep it always close to us is the Smartphone. Now, we all know that the smartphones nowadays can do almost anything or any given daily task whether it be calling someone or capturing images or even recording audio / video sessions.

But if you are someone who is on a bit more serious business like if you are recording vocals in a studio or is someone who is recording interviews or storytelling through your phone, then you will surely be needing an external device say external microphone to have a better quality of recorded audio which will be satisfying your needs.

Now, there are not just one, but many microphones are available in the market for your smartphone. This article will be covering only the best of the microphones that are available in the market for your smartphone for you.

Top 5 Best Smartphone Microphones

1. Samson Go Mic

This microphone is something which is the best option for those people who are more into the interview recording thing or you are someone who likes to improve his/her audio presence in some conference meetings. 

This mic is a great piece of technology for recording audio sessions like storytelling and interview sessions.

The Samson Go Mic has an unique design which is one of the few features that makes this mic stand out from the line of some other mics available in the market.

Now, talking more of how this mic is designed, the Samson Go Mic is attached to a clip, which ultimately allows you to attach the mic at the top, bottom or on the side of your phone. In the same clip in which the mic is attached, there is a hole available which you can use to screw it onto a microphone stand with a 3 / 8 inch adapter.

There is also a headphone jack available there in the mic, which will ultimately help you as you can listen to yourself at the same time while you are recording.

This feature of Samson Go Mic having a headphone jack makes you listen to yourself while recording spares you a lot of time and also the annoyance of getting at the end of a very long recording session, only to realize at the end that the mic has picked a lot of ambient noise from the background.

The Samson Go Mic definitely has some of the coolest features and one of them is that this mic is a condenser mic because of which this mic can be used for not just one but more than one purposes like it can be used for broadcast as well as can be used for musical voice recordings.

Since, the Samson Go Mic will definitely stick out on – camera, this mic may not be the one that the vloggers will choose.

One more amazing thing about the Samson Go Mic is that at the time when the mic is not in use, the mic automatically slips back into the clip in which it is attached to, this surely helps in making it easy to store.

Also, there is a hard shell casing that comes with this package that too to prevent damage in transit. But unfortunately, this has to be attached to the clip all the time and one can not use it as a stand alone microphone.

The connection of this mic with your phone is very simple and easy. You just have to connect this mic to your smartphone by just plugging in the Mini – USB cable it comes with into the Apple’s Camera Connection Kit ( for iPhones ) or you can use the Mini USB to USB – C cable ( for Android ).

Now, once you are done with this connection of the mic to your smartphone, a small light will automatically turn on to just let you know that it has power. This small light will only turn on when you have successfully plugged in the mic to your smartphone.

Now, you need to be clear with one thing from the start, that after plugging in the mic to your phone, you will not be needing any kind of drivers or any kind of extra software to start using the microphone once it is connected to your smartphone. You just need to open any of the available audio recording apps in your smartphone and just have to hit that recording button, and you are good to go.

The Pros of this microphone that can be mentioned out are that this mic is attached to a clip that helps you in keeping the mic at a stable angle at the time of recording and the other pro is that this mic mic comes also with a headphone jack, that simply allows you to listen to yourself at the time of the audio recording which can spare you the annoyance of getting at the end of the recording to find out that the mic has captured some ambient noises from the background.

The Con that can be pointed out here of this microphone is that this mic can not be detached from the clip even if you want it in any case or situation.

2. Audio – Technica AT2005USB

Well, most of the USB microphones can work with most of the smartphones out there but if you are someone who is more in the music recording industry or a musician him / herself, then you will be needing a much better audio capturing mic that will help you in producing a much better quality audio.

In such a case, the Audio – Technica AT2005USB is the one mic that you should choose and get your hands on. Since, being a musician, you can use this mic on and off the stage as per you like.

The Audio – Technica AT2005USB is a traditional dynamic microphone and this mic primarily is used to record the vocals of the musicians.

It is to be called out as the larger one than most of the microphones in our list, but this mic consists of both the XLR and USB connector which are basically placed at the bottom of the mic.

This simply means that it is an easy option for you to connect this mic to your phone ( of course using any of the adapters ), or an amp, mixer and high end audio interface.

This is one of the flexibility which you can use or simply lets you use only a single mic for many of the several different apps, saving you more of the space.

Since, this mic is being more specifically designed keeping the musicians in mind, this mic comes with many accessories that are useful for the recording in mobile.

This mic having a clip can be helpful for you in attaching it to a microphone stand or more like on a mini tripod so that you can use it on a desk accordingly.

Now, it all depends on you on how to use the mic, like you can use a USB cable to connect it to your smartphone or your computer device, or you can use a XLR cable to connect the mic to an amp or mixer.

These are simply some of the welcome extras that lets or allows you to connect this amazing audio capturing mic in many of the several apps just right out of the box.

Nowadays, most of the smartphones that are available in the market are lacking the headphone jack but this mic surely does have one headphone jack, which simply helps you in listening to the sounds in the room just before you start recording your audio session to scan for the unwanted and ambient noise.

Also, you can adjust the volume that is going to your headphones by simply via a small dial that is on the bottom of the microphone, this is also a very nice touch that has been given to this mic at the time of its design.

Although, by looks, this very microphone seems to be a much larger mic than all the other mics that we will be mentioning and recommending here in this article, but its sheer versatility no doubt makes this mic a great choice for the ones that are already in the music industry or are musicians or podcasters and for all those who wants a much easy way of making the demos or some full length recordings on their phone just right from their home or even from outside on the road.

The Pros of this mic that can be pointed out here is that this mic is a traditional dynamic microphone and consists of both USB and XLR cable ports, which helps or allows you to have studio quality recordings that too on your phone, and also to use the same mic at the same time when playing live.

The biggest and the most obvious con that can be pointed out here of this mic is that it is bigger or larger than most of the mics that are mentioned or recommended here in this very article.

3. Rode SmartLav+

Now, if you are someone who likes to take a venture of outside very much and also likes to record videos on your way or to be more specific, if you are a vlogger or a video journalist who likes its smartphone mic to be more of a hearing device and does not to be getting seen, then the Rode SmartLav+ mic can be the one of the best option of mic that you should get your hands on in the market.

Talking about how the Rode SmartLav+ is designed and looks, the ultra small mic is attached to a 3.5 mm audio cable that ultimately terminates into a connector which is designed specifically to fit into a headphone jack.

Now, as we have already discussed one thing in particular in this article that most of the new smartphones that are coming in the market now are lacking the headphone jack, so to connect this mic to your smartphone, you will be needing an adapter for the connection.

And once the connection of the mic to the smartphone has been done, you can simply clip the mic onto your shirt facing your mouth or under your shirt as per your like. By placing the mic in such manners, your focused audience would not be able to notice the cable and you can hide the mic easily in case you are wearing a much darker clothing.

In the smartphone microphone package, there is also a little windscreen included. This little windscreen can be helpful in preventing the wind interfering in between the audio recording session if you are recording outdoors and it can also help in reducing some sibilance.

Sibilance is basically an annoying sound which is made at the time when you say any word that starts with the letter ‘S’. This little windscreen is specially useful in windy weather but you can use this windscreen according to your requirement.

Lavalier microphones are believed to be one of the great microphones out there in the market to be used for recording audio sessions especially when you are on camera, but on the other hand despite being great for on camera audio recording session, these mics are not much well suited for anything much else.

The Rode SmartLav+ mic unlike the Audio – Technica AT2005USB, is not a great option for the lovers of music or for musicians and it is also not the one for the journalists that are more into recording in-person interviews.

This mic is only the suitable option for the vloggers and video journalists and for anyone who likes his / her mic to be much of an audio capturing mic rather than being a mic that can be seen on camera.

The Pros of the Rode SmartLav+ that can be pointed out here in this article are that this is a small mic in size and is also having a thin cable which makes this mic an ideal choice for the vloggers and for the video journalists, and one more pros that can be pointed out is that its pop filter can help in preventing some unwanted and ambient sounds from leaking in.

The main Con that can be pointed out of the Rode SmartLav+ is that for the off camera recording sessions, it is not a suitable option to get hands on.

4. iRig Mic Lav

The iRig Mic Lav is a similar lavalier mic to the Rode SmartLav+.

The iRig Mic Lav for the smartphone comes with a handy foam windshield that is already included in the package at the time of its shipping. This handy foam windshield includes in itself a mounting clip that can be useful in mounting or attaching the mic to any of your available subjects.

Also, the main work of this windshield is to reduce the unwanted noise that comes from the nearby surrounding or background. This windscreen can be used by you anytime or anywhere you want according to your requirements but mainly it is being used in the windy weather.

The microphone has a pretty generous length of its cable which accordingly should be enough for most of the audio recording session tasks. And this also provides you with enough flexibility to fix your mic at a certain angle at the time of your recording session.

If you look closely you will be able to find a small box that is attached near the connector. This small box contains a 3.5 mm socket which helps you in a way that whenever you want you can connect your headphone into this 3.5 mm socket available and can do any audio monitoring that you want according to your requirement or need.

This 3.5 mm headphone socket serves the dual purpose by not only helping you in connecting a headphone to it but also being able to connect a second iRig Mic Lav. By doing this, it is simple to observe that you will be having two microphones going into your smartphone at a time.

There is a switch available in the connector box that helps you or more specifically allows you to choose between a monitor setting for use with your headphones or an input setting for use with the other second iRig Mic Lav.

Now, after connecting two iRig Mic Lav into your smartphone, you need not to worry about how you can monitor the audio while the recording session is live as there are two iRig Mic Lav are connected at the same time into your phone as you can simply connect your headphone into the 3.5 mm headphone socket available in the second iRig Mic Lav.

By doing this, you can still be able to monitor the audio despite being two iRig Mic Lav mics connected to your smartphone. This is a very good option or is a very good solution in case you need to do a two – person interview or in case you need the interviewer and the interviewee on camera at the same time. IK Multimedia is also another option as it sells a two-pack iRig Mic Lav, in case you need to do such a thing.

Now, if we are to talk about the sound or audio quality of the iRig Mic Lav, then it surely serves you with a much better quality than other mics and also stands up well against the other lapel mics like the Rode SmartLav+.

Also, when you are recording the audio when the mic is attached to the chest of the subject, you need not to worry about the recorded sound quality as the audio or sound will not be having any kind of distortion and will be clear.

Talking about the windshield again, it helps in reducing the unwanted and unnecessary sounds when you are recording somewhere outside and is also helpful in lessening any unwanted background noise or echo.

The iRig Mic Lav is no doubt an excellent microphone to be used for camera apps or for some other apps with the audio recording thing and this mic surely works with most of the iPhone or Android devices or say most of the smartphones available in the market with a 3.5 mm headphone socket available.

5. Rode VideoMic Me

Rode VideoMic Me is one of the most popular bands that stayed in the market for such a long time.

The Rode VideoMic Me compact despite lacking the lightning connector, can still be used with many of the iOS devices or android devices, all that which you will be requiring is a headphone jack.

The Rode VideoMic Me mic comes with a large windshield, which comes with the package at the time of shipping. This windshield is very helpful to you if you are somehow recording in an outdoor environment.

Then this windshield helps in reducing all the unwanted and unnecessary noise coming from the outside wind. This windshield is specially used in the windy weather. Although, you can use this windshield according to your requirement or need.

Despite lacking some of the fancy features that some other high end microphones are having, this mic serves you with enough good quality audio at the time of your audio recording session too with a much cheaper price. It is no wrong to say that the Rode VideoMic Me is a reliable option.

The compatibility of the Rode VideoMic Me is with almost any of the operating systems of the smartphones whether it is an iOS device or is an Android device. This mic like some of the other mics, does not produce stereo sounds and is used mainly for recording or shooting videos and for the improvisation of the recorded sounds.

This mic is not for the ones who are more into the music industry or are musicians as this mic is mainly used in the recording and shooting videos.

The Rode VideoMic Me mic is a directional microphone that means it only records what is in front of it only and not all the way around. This also means that you would not be picking any unnecessary sound or noise that may be coming from the back of you when you are recording or shooting the video by using this mic.

You will be able to find a headphone port at the back of the microphone. This headphone lets you connect your headphone to the mic and you can check or monitor the audio at the time of the recording session.

This is a very helpful feature which is available as monitoring the audio at the time of recording session can spare you with the unwanted or unnecessary noise that may be coming from the surrounding through the mic.

One more thing that you will be need to keep in mind while using the Rode VideoMic Me is that this microphone does not comes with the gain controls, which simply means that in case your sound levels are too loud then you yourself will be needing to correct them by using your video camera application’s audio gain control.

Also, if you are someone who likes to record videos on Facebook live then you need to keep this very thing in mind as Facebook live does not have audio gain controls in the app, so in case you are using Facebook live in a loud performance then this mic will not work with that perfection.

There also comes one lightning port version of this very microphone known as the Rode VideoMic Me – L.

So, in all this microphone is a good option if you are someone who likes to record or shoot videos in outdoor environments and is not a best suited option for the music recording lovers.

And this Rode VideoMic Me is very easy to use and being a cheaper mic available in the market can be an affordable one to most of the people who want to have their hands on this piece of technology. It is also capable of nullifying the unwanted noise coming from the surrounding environment.

This mic has a cardioid pattern. This mic, being too close to the screen may interfere with the camera lens, so one should always keep this point in mind at the time of recording or shooting the video.


Finally, this article has covered almost most of the best smartphone microphones that are available in the market right now.

So, from all the mentioned or recommended microphones, you can select or choose the one microphone that satisfies your need of requirement as some of the mics mentioned in this very article are good for the purpose of recording music session audios while some mics are the best suited option for the vloggers and video journalists who like to record or shoot their video in mostly outside environment.

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