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Technology never ceases to amaze us. And with each day of awakening, humanity continues to create stellar technological solutions that solve and improve our lives. 3D printing is at the heart of these technological advancements.

The craft has been around for three decades. It has spread by leaps and bounds and will soon become a global craze. In the early days, 3D printing was an expensive business, and only large companies and industries had 3D printers.

Moreover, printed material was difficult to access due to its high cost. Today, with $200, you can start printing your content. Are you still thinking about buying a 3D printer? If so, here are six good reasons why you should buy a 3D printer today.

1. Enhance your creativity

3D printing is all about creativity. If you are considering entering this profession, you need to bring in all your skills and creativity. If you are a beginner, start by learning how to use CAD (computer aided programs) to create your projects. Once you have the basics, the report published at recommends turning those ideas into a 3D printing project.

If you’re not making your own models, 3D printing can be limited in some ways: you’re only printing what everyone else is printing. Once you have improved your CAD skills, you will also be able to share your ideas with others.

2. You may refer to a source of income

With a 3D printer, you can start earning extra money instead of taking a side job. This, in addition to good design, will help you get a steady stream of income. Start selling your skills online. Over time, you will be surprised how many people want to do printing for you.

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Take the time to develop your printing skills and sign up for an online printing platform to access print jobs. Once you’ve acquired your skills, you can start teaching 3D printing classes or even selling your creations to potential customers.

3. Repair defective parts

A 3D printer comes in handy when you want to repair a device that is a bit broken. In many cases, these items end up in the trash, but a simple repair can bring them back to life. Companies charge a lot of money to send you a replacement part, and sometimes the part you need is not available.

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With a 3D printer, you can create models for these spare parts and monetize them. Whether it’s a broken blender or a bike fender, 3D modeling allows these parts to be repaired with minimal effort.

4. Save time and money

Believe it or not, there is a 3D printer on board the ISS (International Space Station). Why? So it is practical and cheap to make spare parts to repair all the attributes they use in it. Even if you don’t live in the area, you can imagine a situation where you urgently need a part that can be manufactured locally.

You will save yourself a trip to your local store or even waiting for delivery from the manufacturer. However, buy a 3D printer that suits your needs and what you want to design. Read the description and reviews to make an informed decision.

5. Your children learn too!

You can use a 3D printer to introduce a new aspect of learning that will captivate your children and make lessons fun and interesting. 3D printing offers a wide range of objects that you can print to help your children learn.

Even better, it will help them learn in a practical way. You can start with educational models like planets or atoms that will spark their creativity. Over time, you can move on to printing more complex designs to develop your child’s knowledge and creativity.

6. Industrial growth potential

The volume of 3D printing is growing exponentially, and the technology behind it is getting better every day. Today, advancements in orthopedics and prototype printing are commonplace in the 3D printing industry.

These achievements also offer growth potential if people are aware of them. In countries in Africa and Eastern Europe, for example, 3D printing production is growing. It has also created opportunities for employment and the production of high quality goods and equipment.

Although 3D printing is still in development, experts believe it is a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. When people start investing in 3D printing again, the industry is expected to grow exponentially.

And there you have it! The best reasons to invest in a 3D printer today. 3D printing requires some knowledge and innovation, but the effort is worth it in the end. To your health!

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