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best microphones for iPad

In this article, we will be reviewing some of the best microphones for iPad that are available in the market which will help you in choosing the best one out of all the mentioned microphones for your very own iPad.

Microphones that are used for iPad and microphones that are used for iPhones are not much different, which means you can use the same microphone for an iPhone that you are using for an iPad.

The power of an iPad is something that one should not underestimate. This is because one can not just use the microphone on iPad just for listening to music and calling but can also use for many other purposes like these microphones can be used for live-streaming, video streaming, gaming and also can be an outstanding device for the content creators, who likes to produce vlogs and also do podcasts, stream on YouTube, or for pretty any other content.

The built-in mic works only for the voice chatting and some basic mobile applications and is not designed to simply capture content-level audio. Thanks to the makers that with some simple upgradation in the microphone, this challenge can be fixed.

This article will be covering some of the very best microphones that are available in the market for an iPad, so if you are having an iPad already and is in need of a microphone but are confused that which one is the right one for your iPad, then this article will help you a lot in finding the right one for your iPad which will be satisfying your requirement whether it be for gaming or content creating.

The microphones that are mentioned below vary from being expensive to budget-friendly and also some of them are light-weighted.

Let’s take a look at each microphone in brief.

Best Microphones For iPad

1. Shure MV88+

If you are a content creator and need something powerful for the audio capturing then The Shure MV88 microphone is the one for you as your audio recording and audio capturing requirement will be fulfilled by this microphone.

The Shure MV88 is one of the coolest microphones that has been launched in the market.

This microphone is portable, fast to set up, compact and also is a user friendly one and also being small, innocuous and a powerful one, this microphone can totally turn your iPad into a powerful capturing device.

The Shure MV88 captures a clear sound and has a great bass with wide soundstage and nice separation.

One more good thing about this microphone is that its software is easy to use and is intuitive. Also, this microphone works with all the iOS devices that use sound, which is good for those that have multiple iOS devices other than the iPad.

Physically this device is great to handle as the metal head of the mic rotates which helps in setting it in the most convenient way possible.

With this, Shure also gives you two free apps with the MV88 – MOTIV Audio and MOTIV Video app, which you can download from the App store and it is recommended to download the MOTIV app to check and fine tune various settings.

This MOTIV app that you can download from the App store is an unexpectedly helpful addition as it gives you the power by which you can squeeze an extra bit of functionality out of the MV88 and this offers quite a bit of value.

This also comes with five pre set modes which are easy to use, which can be changed according to your audio requirements and surrounding. All the five preset modes are basically – Speech, Singing, Flat, Acoustic Instrument and Loud.

This is something that gives you a chance or say power in your hands to change the configuration on the fly, saving you a valuable time and it also gives you the best possible audio to be captured at just a moment’s notice.

With the mic, a windscreen will also be getting shipped to you so that you can protect your audio on windy days. Also, the microphone’s angle can also be adjusted and can be pointed directly at the source of your audio. This helps especially when you are using a tripod to hold your iPad.

So, in all, if you are someone who creates content or someone who needs a microphone that has great bass and can have a clear audio capturing feature then the Shure MV88 is one of the best microphones you can get from the market for your iPad.

By using Shure MV88, you can record videos for your YouTube channel or can create vlogs or record lectures or you can also record vocals for editing and songwriting.

Key features of Shure MV88+ :-

  • This mic has five preset modes – Speech, Singing, Flat, Acoustic Instrument and Loud.
  • It is 2.64 high x 0.98 wide x 1.38 deep.
  • It records 24-bit / 48 kHz WAV.
  • It is a portable and pocket friendly microphone.
  • It has a rotating and a flexible head.
  • It comes with two free applications for a more professional level audio recording.

2. MOVO MA 200

This MOVO MA 200 is basically an Omni-Directional Calibrated TRRS condenser which is specifically built with keeping the Apple iPad in mind.

You do not need to be fooled by the size and price of this microphone as you need to know that the MOVO MA 200 is a microphone which is a perfectly capable one.

This MOVO MA 200 microphone is the best microphone for those iPad owners who are a bit tight on budget as this mic is the best budget friendly mic that you can get your hands on.

Being the cheapest microphone available in the market you can purchase it risk free and can start doing your audio recording right away.

Having a very compact design you can just take it anywhere you go with an ease. This is something very useful if the need of recording comes from out of nowhere.

Talking about its physical features, despite its size, the microphone is as tough as nails. It is indeed made up of high quality aluminium which makes it sure that no kind of any damage or dust residing in your pocket or bag can harm the microphone and it can last longer.

To use this microphone, you just need to plug it in to the audio jack available on your iPad. Being a smaller microphone than the other ones, you need not to worry about it slipping into the frame during filming or recording.

Now coming to one other thing, on the recording front, an omnidirectional pickup pattern is being offered by the MOVO MA 200. This simply means that it does not matter that from where the sound is coming, it will pick up all sounds equally well.

So, this microphone is best suited for those who are looking for a microphone that can be used to record an interview or panel discussion at once. To be honest, you will not be disappointed by this piece of technology.

Key features of MOVO MA 200 :-

  • It is cheap means it is a budget friendly device which is best suited for those iPad owners who are a bit tight on budget.
  • Size of this microphone is tiny.
  • Also, the MOVO MA 200 is portable, meaning you can take it anywhere any time.
  • The MOVO MA 200 is an Omni-Directional Calibrated TRRS condenser.
  • It does not need any kind of battery, as it simply draws power from the device only.

3. Rode VideoMic Me

Rode VideoMic is one of the popular models that came and stayed in the market.

The Radio VideoMic Me is an affordable microphone and is also a compact TRRS cardioid microphone which is designed specifically with keeping the iOS device in mind.

The Rode VideoMic Me Compact does not have the lighting connector, but however it can still be used in the Apple iOS devices, all that is required is a head jack.

If you are someone who goes out much and likes to record his/her sessions outside mainly, then the Rode VideoMic Me can be the one microphone that you have been looking or searching for as the Rode VideoMic Me is best suited for outdoor sessions.

The Rode VideoMic Me comes with open-cell foam and synthetic fur that is usable or helps in avoiding unwanted sounds like the going air wind or any such kind of noise while you are recording somewhere outside.

Now, if you compare this piece with that of Shure MV88+ then surely, it does not have that many fancy features like the Shure MV88+ have. But on the other hand, the Rode VideoMic Me serves you at a much cheaper price as compared to Shure MV88, and the Rode VideoMic I is also something which you can rely on or you can say it is a reliable option.

Talking about the compatibility of the Rode VideoMic Me, this shotgun microphone is not only compatible with iPad or other iOS devices, meaning if in the future you want to switch between different devices say phones or tablet models and operating systems, but this microphone should also work equally well.

Now, let’s take an example to prove this statement as if you mount it on an android device, the Rode VideoMic I will be having the same recording output as it was having with iOS devices.

So, it is not wrong to say that getting your hands on this mic is like sound investing, meaning even if you change your current operating system or iOS device with another operating system, say Android, then it will still be providing you with the same recording output and you will not be needing to throw the device away.

Also like some of the other microphones available for iPad in the market, this one does not produce stereo sounds.

This microphone is basically used for recording or for shooting video and for improvising the sound of the videos, in short, those who like to record their music sessions can take a look at some other microphones that are available in the market as this one might not satisfy their needs or requirements.

The Rode VideoMic Me plugs right into the phone’s TRRS audio socket, the same port where you usually plug in your speakers or headphones. You can also find one 3.5mm headphone output on the mic so that it will be easy for you to monitor your recording in real-time.

Some of the customers complained about the noise interference. Well, the best solution to avoid this is by simply turning the Airplane mode or turning off the data. And in case, this method does not solve your problem and the issue remains the same then what you can do is just simply putting the foam windscreen which is already included in the shipping package.

Finally, it is one of the cheapest microphones that are available in the market which is not only suitable with the iPad or iOS devices but also with the devices having some other operating systems.

It basically has two benefits which are its cheaper price and the other one is that it is easy to handle or use. Being the cheaper mic, one should never underestimate its recording quality.

It is a highly directional, cardioid microphone, because of which, this microphone can nullify all the other unwanted sounds or noise coming from the surroundings while the recording session is on.

So, the Rode VideoMic Me is one of the versatile options for those who like to record their interview sessions or storytelling at a much affordable price.

Key features of Rode VideoMic Me :-

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is cheap so can be affordable by almost anyone in need.
  • It can nullify the unwanted noise coming from the outside surroundings.
  • It has a cardioid pickup pattern.
  • It is compatible with almost any device be it iOS or android.
  • This basically has a frequency range of 100 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • It has the dimensions – 38 x 21 x 80.
  • It comes with a furry windscreen.
  • It weighs around 34 gms.
  • If it is too close to the screen, it might interfere with the lens of the phone.


The TASCAM iM2 is one of the oldest microphones that is still available in the market now.

Despite being an older model in the race, the TASCAM iM2 still delivers.

In comparison with a top budget pick, the TASCAM iM2 is cheaper.

At the time, when the TASCAM iM2 was released, all the iOS connector microphones were not that much better than old fashioned dictation machines. But in recent years, the smartphone microphones took over.

Now, if it comes to the types of surroundings, then the TASCAM iM2 is surely built well to be working with up to 128 dB of acoustic pressure, this simply means that it can capture sound or audio very clearly in much loud environments such as in environments like functions, festivals or concerts.

Now, let’s be clear on one thing that the TASCAM iM2 is a stereo condenser microphone, unlike many of the microphones that are being released nowadays. It is having a stereo construction, due to which, the TASCAM iM2, along with the vocals absorbs plenty of the surrounding sounds.

There is, however, a microphone preamp is included as well as an analog to digital converter which ensures and helps you in recording a much lower noise. And one more thing about the TASCAM iM2 is that you can switch on the integrated limiter to reject louder signals.

So, in all, the TASCAM iM2 is cheap and it also works well even with the older iOS models and is also a good entry level option.

Key features of TASCAM iM2 :-

  • It is cheap so is affordable by almost a large group of IPad owners like the ones who are a bit tight on budget.
  • Despite being an older model, it still delivers.
  • It works well even with the older iOS models.
  • It has a stereo condenser microphone.
  • An analog to digital converter is also included to record the audio with much lower noise.

5. Shure MV51

Other than the Shure MV88, Shure provides you with another model known as the Shure MV51.

This model of Shure is best suited for those people who are looking for a microphone that is having a classic design and which in a studio setting, provides you or delivers you a quality audio, directly through your iPad. People who want such quality should look no further than the Shure MV51.

Talking about what are the things that were kept in mind while designing the Shure MV51 is that it is designed in such a way that it can be directly connected to an iPad or an iOS device and you will not be needing any adapters or connection kits.

The Shure MV51 also comes with a MicroB to Lightning cable and a MicroB to USB cable. By using these cables, it is easy to connect to a wide range of other mobile devices.

The Shure MV51 is a high end microphone. This microphone can be used on the go and can be mounted on a microphone stand in a studio.

This microphone is a directional microphone and this directional microphone has five DSP preset modes. But this can also automatically tune the EQ and sensitivity.

Now, it depends on you how you manage to set up the recording options like you can either set up the recording options manually or you can let the device find an optimal solution for this.

You can adjust the recording mode, microphone sensitivity, mute the mic and change the headphone volume in the built-in panel which is situated just below the capsule.

This microphone can stand on its own, thanks to the desktop stand in the back. Also, this microphone has a standard ⅝ “ inch thread which allows you to mount it onto almost any other conventional microphone stand out there.

The flexibility of this microphone to almost stand anywhere makes this mic convenient for studio use. There comes a retro feel from the looks of this microphone, thanks to the 1-inch microphone capsule in and all-metal casing.

By using the included cables, you can even connect the mic to your computer, phone, tablet or any other device and can then position it further away.

So, if you are someone who is looking for a microphone with a high quality and flexibility for studio use, then you should definitely go for the Shure MV51.

Key features of Shure MV51 :-

  • This microphone has five DSP preset modes.
  • It is easy to set up to any microphone stand.
  • It is flexible which makes it perfect for in studio use.
  • It also has a touch screen control panel.
  • It is compatible with almnost many of the computers and smart devices.

6. ZOOM iQ7 Mid-Side Stereo

The ZOOM iQ7 microphone was specifically created for iOS devices or one can say that it was specifically created for the iPad.

It comes with a special app which by using and opening you can just start with recording. There is an app named The Handy Recorder app from the App store which will help you with that.

There are basically two rotating capsules present in this microphone. One has to give attention to one thing that these both capsules have a cardioid pickup pattern. According to you, you can place them in the manner you find most efficient.

There is one more thing that is being included in the package that you need to give attention to is the foam windshield. This foam windshield basically helps you by saving you from the unwanted and irritating background noise while recording the audio. This foam windshield is generally used in the windy weather. However, you can use it in some other circumstances as well according to your needs.

All in all, this microphone is basically a good purchase. With not much of a higher price, you can get your hands on this microphone and can significantly improve the quality of your audio that you record on your iPad. So, if you are someone to whom all these qualities of the ZOOM iQ7 fits, then you should definitely go for this one.

Key features of ZOOM iQ7 Mid-Side Stereo :-

  • It has a stereo sound.
  • It has two cardioid capsules.
  • Dimensions of this microphone are 54.5 x 57.2 x 26.5 mm.
  • It weighs around 31.8 gms.
  • 120 dB SPL.
  • This microphone is compatible with almost all generations of iPad say 4th, 5th and 6th Gen, Air, Air 2, mini, mini 2, mini 3, mini 4, Pro and Pro 2 as well as with some other iOS devices too.
  • 48 kHz / 16 bit recording.

7. Saramonic SmartMic

This Saramonic SmartMic is very similar to the one, Rode VideoMic. The difference is just that it is much cheaper than the Rode VideoMic.

Now, it is no doubt that the cheaper the microphone, the less likely it is to produce top-notch studio-quality recordings.

But, if your main goal is not to produce top-quality level audio but just good enough quality audio that would not be an irritation to the listener’s ears, then it is no problem to go for a cheap yet efficient model like the Saramonic SmartMic. After all, it is not all the time necessary to spend loads of money to just get a good enough item.

In the package, along with the microphone you will be getting a windscreen and a muff, which can be used depending on the weather or as per your need or mood.

The capsule of the microphone can be rotated according to your needed angle, so you can choose the right angle for the recording purpose.

The developers of this microphone have ensured that it will be providing a lesser amount of noise and also high sensitivity. Well, what comes to our knowledge about this microphone is that it has a standard self noise and sensitivity, however it is still good.

All in all this microphone is best for those who are in search of a cheaper yet good enough microphone. You can just simply plug it into your iPad jack and can start recording.

Key features of Saramonic SmartMic :-

  • It can be plugged into standard 3.5 mm headset jacks.
  • 74 dB SPL.
  • It has a cardioid polar pattern.
  • It has a frequency response of 35 Hz to 18 kHz.

Conclusion :

This article basically covered most of the best microphones for an iPad that are available in the market. If you are someone who seeks for a good quality audio, then any of the above mentioned microphones will work for your iPad.

Our top pick will have to be the Shure MV88 as it comes with five preset modes and can easily fit in anywhere whether it be your pocket or your backpack.

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