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After (not) much wu-huying, it’s finally time to party. Your Sim is pregnant!

But starting a family is no easy task, let alone getting pregnant.

When a pregnant woman is dealing with morning sickness, insatiable hunger pangs and the frequent need to go to the bathroom, she doesn’t have much energy left to grumble about.

Unless you’re a Sim.

Make your pregnant Sims look alive (and less like a tortured soul) by dressing them in the most stylish maternity wear the creators of CC have to offer!

15. Baseplate set

Look at this CC

It can be exciting to expect a beautiful baby.

Unless you have to run to the bathroom every 15 minutes to throw up.

With so much time in the bathroom, it wouldn’t be a good idea to wear a new Zara blouse.

Here’s a set of clothes to sacrifice so you don’t feel overwhelmed afterwards.

14. Nutty tops and bottoms

Top CC Pregnancy Basics

CC Maternity pants

To have healthy babies, mothers must be comfortable enough to deal with the most uncomfortable feelings known to man.

How do we get there?

Enter this maternal CC of stretchy fabric and the collective feelings of suffering mothers!

With the right kits, you can make sure your Sim is comfortable enough to get through the third trimester.

13. Long Sleeveless Maternity Dress

Look at this CC

Even if your Sims wear buns, they can dress up for social occasions.

However, this freedom may not repeat itself for long, as her schedule will be filled with motherly duties once the baby arrives.

Show off your baby bump in a silky, sleeveless CC dress from Nastas’ya Creator!

12. Tessa Dress

Look at this CC

Question: Is it true that a baby can suffocate when wearing clothes that are too tight?

Answer: Are you stupid?

Tight clothing does not kill the baby.

On the contrary, a low IQ can do more harm to a child.

With this, you don’t have to worry when you put this Tessa dress on your pregnant Sim!

11. Swimsuit for pregnant women

Look at this CC

A baby with a belly the size of a beach ball shouldn’t keep you from wearing a sexy bathing suit.

Make the unborn child an accessory to murder, because your simulator looks like a killer with that SS!

Look undeniably pregnant and proud by purchasing this CC Pregnant Swimsuit just in time for a day at the pool.

10. Ilona Dress

Look at this CC

Many myths about pregnancy have been debunked.

My favorite: Are pregnant women allowed to eat hot dogs? Is it safe to drink coffee? Will the move kill the baby?

While they have been proven to be completely false, there is one very real myth: the pregnancy glow.

Yes, it’s true, expectant mothers have that extra glow thanks to their hormones. And it deserves to be noticed, not smothered in wool sweaters.

Unleash your inner Sima goddess with this silky Ilona dress from Belal1997!

9. Marilia

Look at this CC

Did you know that you look healthier and more beautiful when you let your inner self grow?

Your skin will be brighter, your hair will be shinier, your nails will be stronger, and of course you can enjoy a temporary increase in the size of your breasts.

Don’t let that shine go to waste – show it off by having your Sims wear this dress to Marilia for the delivery.

8. Bound dress

Look at this CC

Pregnant women can have a hard time thinking about what to wear the next day when they have groin pain, leg cramps and other things that make it hard to stay in bed.

So here are some tips for your pregnancy simulations (from someone who has never had children):

Wear appropriate clothing inside and outside the house.

This is the perfect dress for pregnant women, with 36 styles to choose from – enough options to cover the entire pregnancy season!

7. Long side jumper

Look at this CC

We all know that sweaters are second to none when it comes to comfort.

But this CC long sleeve sweater takes it to a whole new level.

The side slits provide plenty of room for Sim’s tummy, while the length of the ensemble gives it a more elegant look than the average H&M sweater.

Warm up for those long nights waiting for your little one with this SS from elliesimple!

6. Strawberry Boho Skirt

Look at this CC

Want a pair of Coachella-inspired maternity dresses to remind you of the good old days, when all that mattered was jumping on The Weeknd?

So say hello to this Boho Strawberry skirt, a piece that signals broken dreams and eternal responsibilities!

This long skirt, which blows freely for comfort, is available in a variety of 23 patterns and prints.

5. Jamie’s Overall V1

Look at this CC

In the ’90s, everyone wore overalls.

And it’s easy to see why.

They are comfortable, stylish, lightweight and easy to mix and match with other clothing – in fact, all the qualities of good maternity wear!

These Jamie Everywhere jumpsuits from WildlyMiniatureSandwich give you all that and more, with a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

You can try the good old blue denim or experiment with a really chic design.

In any case, you can safely cross the maternity ward with this CC.

4. Love Spell Dress

Look at this CC

I admit it: Shopping for maternity clothes can be a grueling endeavor.

Good thing I already gave you this dress with a love spell!

Now your Sim can keep looking chic while caring for a potentially evil baby Sim in this layered look, available in solid or patterned designs.

3. Julien CC Set

Look at this CC

When baby starts kicking and you’re struggling to fall asleep, wrapping yourself in a warm blanket seems like the best thing in the world.

Unfortunately, the Sims’ lovers (and spouses) are not the most romantic, as these Sims are controlled by players (mostly in their 20s and 30s) with a penchant for escapism.

So the least you can do for your pregnant companion is knit her this Julien CC set that looks just as comforting as it did when she was single.

2. Clean overalls

Look at this CC

A sweater and an overactive bladder do not mix.

But to save time, you have to be willing to sacrifice that.

With a jumpsuit you don’t even have to wonder which top goes with which bottom, because you’re already dressed from head to toe!

Also, your Sim would do well to put on a nicer suit than just sweatpants and a maternity jacket.


1. Splash Oversized Vest

Look at this CC

The best maternity clothes are clothes that women can wear before, during and after pregnancy.

That’s why this Splash Oversized Cardigan CC from Trillyke is at the top of my list!

With enough room for triplets, this cardigan is everything your sim needs from the first pregnancy test to the third trimester.

To spice things up a bit, this SS also comes with 30 different patterns that fit all of your Sim’s moods (and I mean all moods).

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