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  • Type of assignment: History
  • Place of employment: Europe
  • Deployment time: 10-15 minutes
  • Recommended performance : 1060

A distress signal was sent from Europe, and it looks like Varix did it.

She and Ghost must traverse the icy canyons of Europe in search of a distress signal to secure the Varicks.

This historic mission will kick off a series of missions that will continue in Destiny 2’s Beyond the Light expansion, starting with Warrior Leadership.

Operational objectives

Find variants

Cross the frozen ravine and follow the path, going after Variks to help him.

If you continue along this path, you will encounter several ships, including a Variki ship being chased by traps.

Go to the crosswalk, and you will encounter a group of dead people that you must cross to reach the Variks.

You can use Sparrow to get to a waypoint faster instead of walking through the area and watching for holes.

Free zone

There are several fallen enemies in this area, all of which you must eliminate before you can begin your search for Variks.

If you keep eliminating fallen troops, the landing ships will bring more than you need to eliminate.

ChannelVariable speed alarm

After releasing the traps, Ghost will say that the traps you just encountered are different because of their house symbol.

There’s a shelter nearby where someone lived recently.

Approach the marked device from a waypoint, and a scan and a ghost will conclude that Clovis Bray’s Golden Age settlement is in Europe.

Reaching the origin of the actual signal

The ghost will say that the distress signal must have been intercepted and that you must go to the starting point to find the Varics.

Proceed to the new waypoint, and you will find yourself at the opening where the drop ships begin to appear.

Several enemies will appear in the area you have to clear, but you have to be careful because the pods will shoot at you.

Once all enemies in this area are eliminated, block the barrier blocking access to the opening and head inside to Charon Junction.

Save variations

When you reach the crossing, a scene unfolds in which the Wariki is captured and soon executed by the Fallen Enemies.

You must get past the enemies and continue on the path to Varick’s camp.

When you reach Variks, he’s surrounded and can’t move while you have to clear the area of enemies.

Free options

You must free Varicks once the enemies in this area are eliminated, which will lead to Ghost questioning him about his message.

The Wariks agree to explain everything in time, but first other enemies come and you have to stop them.

While you fight the advancing enemies, the variants hide inside, waiting for you to defeat the fallen attackers.

Reinforcement on typing

You must continue to evacuate the fallen reinforcements while Varix takes cover in the building.

Watch out for the falling brig, which can be deadly, and other enemies will appear in the area to attack you.

When all enemies are taken out, go back to where Varix is and talk to him.


  • The sparrow will get you to your destination faster instead of taking the long way across the snowy ground.
  • Most combat areas have a lot of enemies, and it’s best to keep your distance if you’re not already prepared.
  • Use different types of cover, such as rocks, structures and others to avoid too much damage from the enemies.
  • This is the first mission you’ll encounter in the Beyond the Light expansion, which kicks off when you travel to Europe.


After saving Variks, a quest called New Kell will be available, continuing the story of the Beyond Light expansion.

Varix is now waiting for you where he took refuge, and you must follow him to continue the story.

You and the Phantom will try to figure out what Varks meant when he said the darkness is among us.

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