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If you want to know how to clean the screen of your MacBook pro, you can already tell that this task requires a good knowledge of following precautions and knowing how to do things without putting pressure on this rather delicate part of the MacBook pro.

Sieves are generally not something that can be advanced with abrasive or heavily soaked cleaning cloths. This will definitely cause serious damage to the screen component. Not only should you be careful enough, but you should also use a reputable method that really works and cleans the screen.

Looks like we have a lot to do today, and no, we’re not complaining at all. Here we present some of the best methods to clean windows, as well as some essential tips.

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The best and most useful tips and tricks for cleaning MacBook Pro screens. The easiest way is to clean the screen with a dry cloth. If you are more interested in using a cleaning formula to clean your screen more thoroughly, wait for the method we will share with you. Finally, there are tips on how to use liquid crystal wipes and how to properly finish cleaning the screen. By determining which method is best for you, we ensure that you always have many options.

What to look for when cleaning your Macbook Pro display

Tired of your Mac Pro’s screen being cluttered with dirt, smudges, and more? If this is the case, the best way to clean your MacBook’s screen is a great solution. However, it would be difficult to clean your Mac Pro’s screen if you don’t know which method to use.

The MacBook Pro‘s displays are thin and require good stain removal techniques.

If you want to know how to get rid of fingerprints on the screen of your Macbook Pro, it is good to use a certain method. Do not apply the same trick to different types of dirt on the MacBook Pro display. Here are a few tips and tricks for cleaning.

Do not scrub excessively.

Never scrub the screen of your MacBook Pro when cleaning it. This can damage the screen and leave scratches and scuff marks. So avoid extreme cleaning of your MacBook Pro.

Want to know how to properly clean your MacBook Pro screen? Then use a cloth over the screen and gently wipe it clean with less pressure.

Use high quality tools

If you plan to clean your MacBook Pro’s screen, you’ll also need high-quality tools. Always wipe the screen with a soft, lint-free cloth that will not damage the screen. Also, never use scouring pads, paper towels, napkins or anything else as an alternative.

Using a heavy cloth will put more pressure on the MacBook Pro’s display. So try to use high quality materials.

MacBook Pro for shutdown

To clean the display, you may need to turn off your MacBook Pro completely to avoid a system change. Cleaning the screen of your MacBook Pro laptop while it is on can cause damage.

Simply press the stop button and the unit will shut down completely.

Also, make sure all power sources, cables, and other devices are connected to your MacBook Pro.

Protection of hands and mouth

If you plan to clean the screen of your MacBook Pro, it is best to protect your hand and mouth. If you work with your bare hands, the smell of the solution or dirt may cause irritation. Wear gloves and a mask to safely clean your MacBook Pro screen.

Avoid use of spraying solutions

Before you begin the steps to clean your MacBook Pro Retina display, avoid solutions that are sprayed directly onto the display.

Conclusion: If you apply the spray solution directly to the screen, moisture may seep into the cracks. And avoid bleach or dangerous chemicals in solutions that can be harmful.

Instead, spray the solution into a clean cloth and then apply it to the screen.

Cleaning the MacBook Pro display with a dry cloth

The most effective and useful tip that most people try at home to clean their MacBook Pro screen is to use a dry cloth. In general, a dry cloth is a good tool to easily wipe away visible dirt, bacteria and germs.

If you use your MacBook Pro often, use a dry cloth to clean the display.

Be sure to open all windows and turn on the fan before beginning the process. Also, don’t forget to get a cleaning cloth that fits the size of your screen. Now take all the items listed below and follow the step-by-step instructions.

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Required tools:

  • Dry cleaning cloth
  • hot water
  • MacBook Pro

Step one: Turn off your MacBook Pro correctly. Just click on the Apple icon, where you’ll find the stop bar at the bottom. Then tap it and wait until the screen goes black.

Step two: The next step is to remove the power adapter from the MacBook Pro. If your laptop is connected via external drives or USB hubs, remove them before proceeding with the following procedure.

Step three: Next, take a dry cleaning cloth and wipe the screen to remove all visible prints and germs. You can also try picking up dirt by moving your hand in a small circle. And, press lightly on the screen.

Step four: Then you need to take warm water and soak a microfiber cloth. Then squeeze the cloth to remove excess water. Then wipe your MacBook Pro screen clean with less pressure.

Step 5: Use a dry cleaning cloth to remove stubborn dirt from the screen. Try sliding the screen horizontally from one side to the other. Then wipe the screen of your MacBook Pro vertically from top to bottom.

Pro tips: Make sure you use distilled water so you can be sure it doesn’t contain any minerals or other elements. And don’t use tap water.

Cleaning the MacBook Pro screen with Formula Cleaner.

The cleaning formula is another option that you can use to clean your MacBook Pro screen quickly and effectively. In fact, this method is perfect for those who have bacteria and fingerprints on their MacBook Pro screen.

Formulacleaner contains alcohol and distilled water to remove fingerprints.

If you want to know how to clean your Mac screen with a cleaning formula, you may need a MacBook cleaning kit. Also try to wear protective clothing such as gloves and a mask beforehand. Get all the tools you need and get started with the real processes.

Required tools:

  • Cleaning kit
  • MacBook Pro

Step one: First, you need to turn off your MacBook Pro. Make sure you unplug all plugs, peripherals and power supplies from the laptop.

Step two: In the next step, use a clean cloth and the spray from the cleaning kit. Now spray the solution on a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen of your MacBook Pro clean. This way you can keep your notebook screen free from visible dirt. Avoid spraying on the screen.

Step three: Then wipe the lenses and keyboard with a lint-free cloth to remove any spots that may stain the screen again. Just wipe until you can see the dirt.

Step four: Reapply the liquid solution to a microfiber cloth and wipe the surface clean to prevent dirt from accumulating on the screen.

Step 5: Now take a clean dry cloth and wipe the screen horizontally. Then make a small circle from top to bottom. Try to reduce pressure when wiping the screen.

Pro tips: It may be necessary to reapply the solution for a period of time to ensure that no dirt gets onto the screen.

Cleaning your MacBook Pro screen with liquid crystal wipes

If you want to know how to clean the stains on your MacBook Pro screen in a different way than the 2 ways described, using LCD wipes is a good option. Honestly, LCD wipes are much more convenient and easy to use than the dirt on the MacBook Pro’s screen.

The LCD wipe removes dust and residue without scratching the screen.

Cleaning your MacBook Pro screen with LCD wipes will remove most streaks. Before we get to the actual instructions, here are some tools you may need to get the job done.

Required tools:

  • LCD screen wipes
  • MacBook Pro
  • Microfibre fabric

Step one: Turn off your MacBook Pro so the wipes don’t hurt you. Try removing all connected devices, power adapters and cables. That way, you and your MacBook Pro are protected from power surges and damage.

Step two: Next, you need to take out the LCD cloths. Make sure it’s not in use. After that, gently wipe the screen both vertically and horizontally. Make sure the corners of your MacBook Pro are clean too. You can also try using a finger to clean the corners.

Step three: Then, use a dry microfiber cloth to remove the moisture from the screen. This allows the moist microorganisms that have settled on the sieve to be easily removed.

Step four: Use the wiper again to remove dirt from the screen. Then use a dry microfiber cloth to easily remove the dirt. And you’re done.

Pro tips: Make sure the LCD wipes you use do not contain toxic chemicals, as this may damage the screen. This may scratch the screen.


Hopefully after reading this guide, you will know how to properly clean your MacBook Pro’s display. MacBook Pro displays get dirty easily and require daily maintenance to keep them clear.

Fortunately, all methods are safe and easy to apply at home, without costing too much. The methods we mention help remove bacteria, germs, dirt, fingerprints, dust, oil and more. These methods also don’t take more energy or time.

In short, we’ve given you several ways to try to clean your MacBook Pro Retina screen without damaging any parts. Have a nice day!

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