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Facebook allows users to celebrate their birthdays on the platform. Most of you will want to change or hide your birth date, but most of you will want to show it publicly or only to your friends. That’s why Facebook offers these settings and you can manage them to your liking.

We also recommend that you make it available only to your Facebook friends list. In short, don’t make them public because someone could use this information to access your account. Therefore, you cannot change or recover your password. However, it is important to protect your content on Facebook.

Anyway, in this article I’m going to show you how to shop for your birthday on your Facebook profile or in between. We will also discuss some related information, so stay tuned and read on…..

How to put your birthday on your Facebook profile

There are actually two ways to display your date of birth on your Timeline or Facebook profile. You can easily do this with the Facebook application or its desktop version. However, we can only recommend that you update the Facebook application before using it. Desktop users can simply follow the steps below to make their birthday visible on their Facebook profile. Here’s how:

On the Facebook application

In the Facebook application, go to your profile, press the three dots, and select Edit Profile. Now scroll down and click on the Edit your information button. Touch Edit next to Basic Information. In the Birthday section, you will see the Public option. Click to select Public or Friends to show them your birthday. Don’t forget to save the change, by pressing the Save option in the top right corner. You can look away now and go to the About section. You’ll see your birthday there.

Post birthday on Facebook using the Facebook application

And one last thing, if you set your birthday audience as audience only or friends only. They will then receive a notification on their next birthday to wish you a happy birthday. If you want to prevent this notification from being sent to Facebook, choose a birthday audience like Just Me.

on Facebook PC

The method is similar to Facebook for networking. But I won’t show it to you? Find out how to display your birthday on your timeline or Facebook profile: Go to your Facebook profile. Then click the Edit Profile button, below your bio description. Scroll down and press the Edit Info button. Click on Contact and Basic Information on the left side of the page, then click on the pencil (edit icon) next to your birthday. Click on Only and select your birthday audience as Open or Friends Only. This way you can display your birthday in your Facebook profile.

How to put your birthday on Facebook on your PC

Please note that the public or your friends can see your birthday details in the About section of your profile. However, it depends on the audience of the birthday party. You will receive a birthday notification to wish you a happy birthday. If you want to hide it, choose your audience as quickly as I did. In that case, Facebook will not send them such notifications.

Why isn’t your birthday on Facebook?

Because you chose an audience that only invited me to your birthday party. It depends on who is viewing your birthday or posting on your Facebook profile. So you can change the audience to show it to your friends or in public by following these simple steps:

Go to Facebook > Your profile > Edit your info > Contact & basic info on the left > Click on Edit next to your date of birth > Select your audience as Public or Friends. Facebook will then display your date of birth in your profile.

How to find birthdays on Facebook

If you want to find a friend of yours for his or her birthday, see. Then follow these steps on Facebook: Go to your profile in your Facebook account, scroll down and you will see the Friends section. Under Friends, you will find a sub-section for birthdays. Click here and you will find all the upcoming birthdays of your friends. You can click View All to see all upcoming birthday lists.

In short, go to your Profile > Friends > Tap Birthday. To find today’s Birchtide, see the Birthday section in Facebook Home in the upper right corner.

Find birthdays on FacebookFind today’s birthdays on Facebook

Also, it is not possible to find the current or upcoming birthday in the Facebook application. Please stop wasting your time looking for these things. However, you will receive notifications when someone in your friends list has a birthday.

Note that you will only see a friend’s birthday if they have set their birthday audience to public or friends only. You can also look at today’s Birthdays section on the right sidebar of the Facebook homepage.

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Why is my birthday not on Facebook?

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