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The game: Mega mall story 2
Genre : Modeling, strategy system: Nintendo Switch (also on iOS and Android)
Developers | Publishers : Kairosoft
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price : US $14.00 | UK £11.69 | EU €13.99 Release date
: 25. March 2021

Take a look at the code used, courtesy of Kairosoft!

The floors! Copper! The money!

Mega Mall Story 2 (MMS2) took me back 25 years to when I used to play PC simulation games. Before the Sims came to life, there were other Sims: SimCity, SimAnt, SimTown, SimCopter, SimPark and so on… And SimTower.

Really, it was like going back in time, like replaying SimTower. Managing a multi-storey complex, keeping the customers happy, keeping the few VIPs happy, building (and tearing down) again and again, ultimately striving for a 5-star rating. SimTower is actually the brainchild of Japanese developer Yoot Saito and has earned him a local award and the attention of US publisher Maxis.

In some ways, MMS2 feels like a return to its Japanese roots, as it follows a similar concept to SimTower. But it’s also a game from Kairosoft that is rumored to be not very innovative, but still fun, cute and surprisingly entertaining. From what I’ve read, it may also share some frustrating features with some Kairosoft titles: too slow, too many screens to navigate. I can’t really judge how MMS2 compares to other Kairosoft games, since this is my first. But this is what I think of it as a standalone game.

What makes a customer happy?

Immediately after, I felt the satisfaction and excitement of building the tower and filling it with colorful shops. There is a special joy that comes with construction. I was distracted and had good flexibility and a good selection of shops.

Over 130 stores and locations to choose from.

Up to 3 combined plans can be purchased at the beginning of each year.

One of the most fun tasks is arranging the stores in combined layouts. In these combinations, 3 specific magazines must be placed side by side in a specific order. Combinations tend to increase the prominence and price of individual stores, so customers are more likely to visit them and pay more for individual products.

Positioning is essential. For example, by placing the most prominent stores at the top of the list, customers are encouraged to shop at less attractive stores they pass on their way. You can always rearrange the magazines if you have an ass. However, keep in mind that the more you build from the ground floor up, the higher the price will be. This applies not only to new businesses, but also to those you take over! Yes, you always pay for something, whether it’s new staff, new stairs or new steakhouses. But at least it costs nothing to demolish the shops, on the contrary, we even get some money back!

In the beginning, money will be a little tight (but never too tight), but later you’ll probably have a lot more money than you need. MMS2 is not a punishment or a difficult game. Money is not the most important thing here; this is the rank 5 title, and MMS2 gives you 15 years to get there, which is a very generous amount of time.

When you win the biennial contest, new shops, equipment and transportation are unlocked.

The quality determines how many units of the department store a customer buys. But they also won’t stop if the reputation isn’t high enough.

Money is just one of many indicators. The three main resources are money, points and hearts. The money will be used primarily for construction and relocation of stores. Points and hearts are used to update each transaction. The hearts will also be used to purchase new store plans. This is not only a place to consider, but updates for any business. It’s not just the business that makes money! The level of quality and availability of goods in the warehouse are important for profits. I won’t bore you with the details, you’ll get used to them in a few years.

I don’t know if you like economic games, because it’s a lot. At first, handling the numbers seemed very easy, but the MMS2 quickly became impossible to let go of. The fun part is that there is always something going on on the screen and a lot of micromanagement to be done. But on the other hand, it’s exhausting. There is a fine line between monotony and compelling repetition.

Watch sold, plastered on the floor, beautiful. They love my mall! Let’s go, little shoppers.

The monotony is punctuated by exhilarating moments of madness as the music is cranked up and the stream of customers come in and shop like crazy. It’s also nice to welcome new customers who show up after you’ve added new activities and responded to customer requests. Most of them are human customers, ordinary grandfathers or school children. But sometimes an animal or a person is disguised, and that’s fun. I was surprised that some customers came to my mall after becoming regular visitors.

Turn customers into regulars and then Satisfaction (excuse the spelling grammar).

When my mall got big and store tracking was a nightmare, I was grateful for the touchscreen. You can play MMS2 entirely with the touchscreen, and I’ve used it a lot to pan faster in my 23-story mall.

What makes a customer sad

Unfortunately, MMS2 could have been much better – just a few simple improvements. The game could have been faster, the mechanism explained in more detail.

For example, I reached the plateau after reaching rank 3. At the time, there was little I could do to open new business. With my various transport systems running at a snail’s pace, I felt like I had to wait forever for new VIPs, and without them I couldn’t move up in the rankings. It took me about 10 hours to figure out how to be financially successful and get clients in the door faster. In the end, it took me 15 hours to reach grade 5, although I’m sure the second breakthrough could be exponentially shorter.

You can assign multiple transports to a zone. This allows for a quicker focus on the area needed to attract VIPs.

Didn’t get a VIP customer? Try again next month.

If I had asked for less VIP for my mall rating, the game would have ended sooner and I would have been encouraged to try again. But halfway through, I was exhausted from clicking through the many screens and pressing buttons to constantly navigate between menus.

Due to my own ignorance (and lack of clues in the game), I didn’t realize some things until very late in the game. For one thing, scheduling multiple shipments in the same residential area can speed up the arrival of customers, and for another, you can improve advertising. Second, you can save time navigating through the menu by using the hotkey (L) to move from the Construction Plans submenu to the Purchase Plans submenu. Third, you can stop spoiling your view by using the touch screen to zoom in on the mall. They may seem like insignificant details, but together they can make the game boring (or not).

I’ve probably seen this general post 50 times, seriously.

Aside from better coaching, this is what I wish the game had. Most importantly, an alphabetical list of stores, not just stores by floor, because it takes a long time to find stores in a sprawling 23-story mall.

Also, I could have used the fast forward button to skip animations and messages. There’s a quick play option in the settings menu, but it’s locked until you finish the game once. Why not make it available from the beginning? Finally, the game should allow players to move shops one tile at a time.

Currently there is an absurd rule that you cannot relocate a business if the new location overlaps even slightly with the current location.

In short, MMS2 is much longer and slower than it should be.

Monster Shopping Centre

Welcome to Tyrannoshoppus, where all your time is taken and never returned.

But like many obsessions, MMS2 is both fun and exhausting. It is sometimes difficult to draw the line between the two. Although, when my mall turned into a giant monster (I called it the Tyrannoshopp Mall, by the way), it crossed the line of fatigue. Looking at screens and repeating animations, waiting for VIPs, working to move stores… It was too much, almost like walking through an unnecessarily large mall I know in real life (also appropriately called Mega Mall). When I was the fifth. Now that I had achieved first place, I didn’t want to use my remaining years to enjoy the rewards that had come from my victory: new businesses, new floors, new client requests.

You mean build a tapas bar on the first floor?

Happy Happiness! Honestly, in the case of MMS2, I would only reward one lucky winner.

So I hesitate between rating Not Sure and I like it. I like MMS2 just enough to make me try other Kairosoft games to see how they did better elsewhere with a formula simulator. I just like to think: I bet I can do better with a second breakthrough! But no, I don’t like it enough to get into it again, even though the fast mode has put an end to the endless screens and waiting and moving shops (although the touchscreen feature does a good job with that). Maybe the problem with Kairosoft’s games is that you expect to play one and then move on to the next?

Given that MMS2 is designed as a mobile game for casual gamers, I think this is a good thing. It’s all right.

Conclusion: I like it.


How do you load…

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