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If SFC has problems starting, stopping, or not working at all in Windows 10, you can use our special troubleshooting guide.

4. Start DISM tool

  1. Follow the first two steps of the above solution to open the command prompt as administrator.
  2. Type the following command and press Enter:
    • DISM / Online / Cleaning up the image / Restoring health
  3. Wait until the analysis is complete.
  4. Restart your computer and try the update again.

And the last troubleshooting device we’re going to use is the DISM. Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) redistributes the system image and eliminates potential problems.

Sometimes the DISM utility in Windows 10 does not work. If this is the case for you, we suggest you contact our dedicated guide to fix the error.

5. Removing/reinstalling anti-virus software

Users have reported that Norton Antivirus often causes the error RDR_FILE_SYSTEM. Apparently Norton has some minor issues with Windows 10.

To fix the above error, you need to completely remove Norton Antivirus from your PC. To remove all remaining Norton files, use the Norton Removal Utility.

Although Norton has confirmed that it is the cause of this problem, another antivirus program may also cause the RDR_FILE_SYSTEM error. It is recommended that you uninstall any antivirus software that you currently have installed.

Many antivirus vendors offer tools to remove their programs. Download them and use them to completely remove a particular antivirus.

After you uninstall the antivirus software, you can reinstall it, but make sure you use the latest version, as it will likely fix most of the old bugs.

If the error does not occur after uninstalling, we recommend installing another antivirus program as an alternative.

6. Uninstall the last installed software

The BSoD error RDR_FILE_SYSTEM may be caused by incompatible software. If you have recently installed third-party software, it may cause this error.

To resolve this issue, we recommend that you uninstall any software you have installed a few days before this problem occurs.

BSoD errors are usually caused by antivirus, VPN or overclocking software. So if you use any of these programs, make sure you uninstall them.

In some rare cases, newly installed drivers may also cause a BSoD error. If you have installed new drivers in the past, be sure to uninstall them or downgrade to an earlier version.

Fail to completely uninstall the rest of the software on Windows 10? Just follow the solutions in our comprehensive guide.

7. Run the chkdsk command

  1. Go to Search, type cmd, and open the command prompt as administrator.
  2. Once the command line is up, type chkdsk /f /r C :
  3. You can replace C with the letter that corresponds to the partition of the hard disk. You may have to restart the computer to chkdsk the C drive, so keep that in mind.
  4. If you cannot open Windows 10 because of the RDR_FILE_SYSTEM error, restart your computer several times during the boot process. This should start the automatic recovery process.
  5. Select Troubleshooting > Advanced > Command Prompt.
  6. On the command line, enter the following command: chkdsk /f /r C :
  7. Make sure you check all the partitions on the hard drive with chkdsk.

In some cases, these errors can be caused by corrupted files and folders on the hard drive. So you need to run the chkdsk command.

If automatic recovery fails to fix your Windows 10 PC, you can refer to our special guide and fix the error easily.

8. Check your equipment

  1. Download MemTest86+.
  2. Burn the program on a CD or create a bootable USB stick.
  3. Connect the CD-ROM or USB flash drive and start the computer from the CD-ROM or USB flash drive.
  4. Let MemTest86+ run for a few hours.
  5. If errors are detected, it means that one or more RAM modules are damaged and need to be replaced.

Often the reason for RDR_FILE_SYSTEM is a hardware error, mainly in RAM. Users reported that after replacing the faulty RAM module, the problem was permanently fixed.

Follow the steps above to check your RAM. Besides RAM, almost any other hardware component can cause this BSoD error.

It should also be noted that newly installed hardware may result in an RDR_FILE_SYSTEM BSoD error if that hardware is not fully compatible with the motherboard.

To diagnose the problem, replace the newly added hardware and see if your PC works without it.

BSoD RDR_FILE_SYSTEM error can cause some problems on Windows 10, but you can easily fix this error by using one of our solutions.

If you would like to share your suggestions or if any of these solutions have helped you, please leave a comment below.

frequently asked questions

How do I recover from an NTFS file system error?

computer instruction fix-ntfs-file-si…

What is Rdr_file_system?

RDR_FILE_SYSTEM is a shutdown error, also known as the blue screen of death (BSoD). The Windows operating system uses different codes, and the reason why they appear is very different. Although the system can quickly recover from some lock errors, especially after a reboot, some BSoDs tend to reappear when the computer crashes.

What is Rdbss Sys?

Rdbss. sys is a file associated with Redirected Disk Buffer Subsystem that you can safely run on your PC. Windows, developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft, is a family of operating systems first introduced as a graphical operating system for MS-DOS.

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