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All those albums and shoeboxes scattered around the house contain treasures of the fondest memories you’ve shared with your loved ones. Over time, it can become difficult to find the photos you want to view. It is understandable that you want to digitize them and keep them well organized in one place.

The question is how to do it most effectively. First you need a scanner. Here you can find different photo scanners. Buying a scanner is just the beginning though. Here are the best ways to scan old photos.

Plan your recordings in advance

You don’t want to scan your old photos when they arrive. If you do, you’ll get some of the digital photos. You run the risk that this large piece of digital material will prevent you from organizing it. Therefore, you need to organize your photos and plan your shots in advance.

A simple method will help you. Decide how you want to group the photos. You can then browse through all the photos and organize them according to the criteria you choose, for example. B. by date, events, family and friends, travel, etc. If you have too many old photos, you should also make a schedule for scanning so you know what to scan first and have a schedule to stick to.

After all, you don’t want all your photos to end up in the Scanner or My Photos folders. Create a new folder on your hard drive or cloud storage and decide what you want to call the folders. Be sure to move scanned photos to specific folders after you scan them.

Make sure your scanner is ready.

The photo scanner is an essential device for the success of your project. You have to take care of it with care and attention. First, make sure that the unit is properly connected to the power supply and the computer. Then you need to make sure you are using the latest drivers and proprietary software to run them.

Once you’ve done the technical part of maintenance, make sure your scanner is clean. Dust, smudges or fingertips on the scanner tray can damage your images. Never use tissues or paper towels to clean the scanner tray. They leave traces that can also affect the images. Instead, use a dry tissue, or better yet, a dry microfiber cloth.

Since the scanner tray can get dirty by placing and removing photos, you should also wipe it clean from time to time.

Cleaning pictures before scanning.

Smudges and dirt on the scanner tray can ruin your photos, as can smudges and dust on the photos. Therefore, you should dust your photos before putting them in the scanner. If you keep your photos in a shoebox, they have probably collected dust.

Use a can of compressed air and a dry microfiber cloth to remove the dust. Make sure you store the canister properly so that no liquid gets on your photos. You don’t have to clean all the pictures. Remove them in batches according to your scanning schedule. Otherwise they can start collecting dust again, especially if you have a few thousand to scan.

Scan multiple photos at once

If your scanner tray can take multiple photos at once, why not scan multiple photos at once? This saves you time. Leave space around each image when you place it on the scanner tray. However, you will need to crop these photos later and save them as separate files. If you don’t know how to do this, you should stick to a good old-fashioned routine.

Click the Preview button before each analysis. This will help you assess whether you have placed the photos correctly and will save you time when rotating the photos.

When it comes to choosing the best resolution for images, the general rule of thumb is to stick with 600 DPI. This is more than enough to get clear images without the pictures taking up too much memory.

Finally, avoid using the default file names suggested by the software. Name each scanned image appropriately. Use dates, places or names of people to name the files and save them in the appropriate folder, as we saw earlier.

Follow these steps when you want to scan your old photos, and you’ll be able to do it like a pro. As you can see, planning is crucial in this delicate project. You should also make sure that your scanner and photos are always clean to get good images.

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