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In this article, we will look at how to remove the trojan if unfortunately you have already been affected by it. First, let’s see how malware can infect your computer.

How the SmartService malware infects your computer

Given the difficulty in detecting this Trojan infection and its devastating effects, prevention is in many ways better than cure.

The most effective way to prevent infection is to be vigilant about how you use your own computer and interact with other computers.

SmartService may enter your computer in one of the following ways: through malicious attachments in emails sent to your inbox or through advertisements you click on on websites you visit.

You can also get it from infected files installed as part of software downloaded from the Internet, content downloaded from social media, cookies on torrent platforms and other free websites.

Quick tip:

In most cases, this error can be caused by malware, and we all know that the only effective method of fighting malware is a reliable antivirus software.

With this in mind, we recommend that you try AI-based antivirus programs, as they stop all kinds of cyber threats even before they reach your computer, so you never have to deal with bugs again.

ESET Internet Security

Prevent malware, Trojans and other viruses from infecting you with one of the best cyber security options.

How do I remove the error message about using requested resources?

1. Restarting the computer in safe mode

  1. Go to the Windows search bar and type msconfig.
  2. Open system configuration.
  3. When the System Configuration window opens, click the Startup folder.
    • You should see the boot options below.
  4. Select the Secure Boot option. The minimal sub-variant should already have been checked there.
    • After you click OK, a pop-up window appears.
    • Just select Reboot and your computer should restart safely in Safe Mode.

In the case of SmartService, the error message itself indicates that the system is dirty. Restarting in safe mode is a good way to run the antivirus without being locked out.

Starting your computer in safe mode prevents malware from running because safe mode starts only basic computer services.

However, if Windows 10 Safe Mode doesn’t work and your computer is running normally, you can use our special guide to fix the problem.

2. Use third-party malware removal software

We’ve already talked about how the SmartService Trojan can bypass some antivirus programs as if they didn’t exist.

This means that you cannot simply use antivirus software to scan or remove this rather complex malware. He will just reply that he is bothered by the error message Requested Resource in use.

However, there are other high-quality malware removal software that you can use. We recommend that you try one of these best antivirus programs.

Note that you must purchase a license to unlock the malware removal features of some of these utilities.

You can also make sure that the antivirus itself is not blocked by a Trojan horse before you spend the money to buy a license.

However, you can avoid this by first restarting the computer in safe mode. Most malware removal programs come with instructions that walk you through the installation process before you actually remove the malware.

3. Malware removal

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key and the R key simultaneously.
  2. Type appwiz.cpl and press Enter.
    • This will open the Programs and Features folder where you can identify and remove the malware installed by the Trojan.

You should be able to distinguish between programs that you have installed yourself and those installed by malicious software.

Remove any suspicious programs that you cannot verify. One of these could be that the requested resource is being used as malware. Then proceed to the next step.

However, many applications cannot be completely uninstalled. Therefore, we recommend you to use one of these best uninstallers to get rid of the remaining files.

4. Malware scan of the system configuration folder

  1. To open the System Configuration folder, click the Windows Start icon, type msconfig in the search bar, and press Enter.
  2. Select the Start option and a list of all programs that start immediately after the computer is started will appear.
  3. Look for those whose manufacturer is unknown.
    • There’s a good chance it’s malware.
    • If they were really important, their editor would be happy to identify with them.
    • On some PCs, you may be redirected to the Task Manager startup area.
    • Click on the link.
  4. The Task Manager window will open.
  5. At startup, all programs configured to run automatically are always displayed.
  6. Scroll through the list again to select those whose publisher is marked as unknown.
  7. Lock everything down.

You can remove them permanently with regedit, which we’ll discuss later.

Most malware strains are so hard to detect and therefore so hard to remove because they are stuck in your PC’s startup folder.

As soon as you start the device, these applications begin to work. This SmartService Trojan behaves in the same way.

Therefore, you should definitely scan for Autostart folder and remove all suspicious programs in it. This is an important step because even very good antivirus programs can be blocked.

5. Remove all malicious IP addresses

  1. Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog box. Once it appears, paste the command flow below and click OK.
    • WinDir%System32DriversEtc
  2. Open the Hosts file in Notepad.
  3. You should take it:

The two IP addresses you see below are for the local computer or host and should be stored there. If you have been hacked, you will find other IP addresses below.

This is usually proof that you’ve been hacked. These IPs must be removed. At this point, it is also advisable to consult a cyber security specialist. You’re not done yet.

Sometimes malware is installed to create a gateway for a hack or ransomware attack. Both scary. And so you must refer to the address The requested resource is used immediately.

6. Removing harmful entries from the Windows registry

  1. Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously and type regedit in the search box that opens.
  2. The fastest way to find malware once in the registry is to press Ctrl+F. This will bring it up:
  3. Remember, you need to know the name of the Trojan horse to use this shortcut. In this case, start with SmartService.
    • But it might be better to have a list of Trojans that behave in the same way, and look for them all.
  4. If the scan finds a Trojan horse, you should remove it there. Repeat the process until the search bar displays this pop-up window:

Again: Be careful when making changes to the registry. Deleting the wrong registry files can cause serious PC malfunctions.

In the case of a serious malware infection like this Trojan, malicious changes and entries are usually made to the Windows registry. Your computer isn’t clean until you clean it.

But sometimes you don’t know the name of the Trojan horse. Therefore, you should manually search all folders labeled Run for suspicious programs.

These are programs that are started automatically as soon as the PC is booted up. These folders most likely contain malicious items.

You need to go to the CurrentVersion folder to find these autorun programs. Use this order to get there:


In the CurrentVersion folder, search for all folders named Run. It could be RunOnce, RunOnce or others. Click once on each of them to open all the programs located in the folders:

Scan the listed files and look for suspicious names that may be malicious. If you’re not sure about something, check it before deleting it.

7. Preventing infection with malware

Trojans like this SmartService, which leads to an error message The requested resource is difficult to detect and time-consuming to remove.

By disabling antivirus programs, they make it harder for you to do your job. So it seems best to be vigilant about how you use your computer.

You should not connect any external devices to the computer without first checking that they are clean.

These include portable USB drives and external hard drives. There are many antivirus solutions for USB drives that you can use. Also, avoid torrents and other free websites with questionable security.

Be careful when installing software you have downloaded from the Internet. Many people unconsciously allow malware to be installed in this way.

We hope these solutions will help you get rid of 00700aa code error: The requested resource is in use.

If you found our article useful and have any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments.

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