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Here is a list of Top 10 Best iPhone Manager Software in 2021. While there are a lot of software, some of them are more popular and superior to others. Choosing the best iPhone manager software for personal use is not an easy task. It will depend on various factors. Here is the list of Top 10 iPhone manager software that might be the perfect one for you. To ensure that we get the best out of the iPhone, we have to keep it constantly updated with the latest version of the operating system. Also, it is important to make the most out of the device by installing iPhone manager software. iPhone manager software help us to keep the device safe from viruses and malware, sync it to the cloud and perform a variety of other functions

With over a billion iPhones sold in the last decade, the iPhone is not only one of Apple’s biggest money makers, but it is an important part of the mobile industry, as well. In 2021, the iPhone will be about to celebrate its 10th birthday and, with the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max selling like hot cakes, people are excited to see what Apple has in store for the iPhone’s future.

Are you looking for a solid software that can easily manage your iOS devices? In this article, you will find the top 10 best iPhone management software in 2021.

You may have an iPhone or an iPad. But can you do that from the comfort of your couch on your PC or Mac? You may need additional software to transfer content, including photos, videos, and music, between your computer and iPhone/iPad. Also a program that can automatically back up your iOS devices. You will also need a tool that allows you to use some of the interesting additional features. But the problem is that there are many. This makes it much harder to choose the right option for you. But don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best iOS management tools that will help you choose the right software.

Top 10 best business apps for iPhone in 2021

It’s hard to make a list of 10 people who fit. Since all these iPhone managers mentioned in this article are the best in their own category, you will now understand. Nevertheless, here is a list of the best iOS management tools for your PC.

1. iMazing – Total Best (20% discount)

No matter what third-party software you use to control your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod, iMazing is a great solution. This can give you a great experience. Its greatest strength lies in its unique performance and features. Performance is very consistent. What users like most, however, is the ability to control their iPhone wirelessly. This means you don’t have to connect your iOS devices to your Mac or Windows PC to back up, transfer files, and manage other basic functions. All this can be done via a wireless network or a local network. In addition, iMazing is now compatible with the new Apple Mac architecture (Macs M1). All these great things have made it one of the top 10 iOS management software on the list. It is considered the best alternative to iTunes for Windows and Mac. Personally, I’ve been using it since last year.

The iMazing is priced slightly higher than the competition. The price is $44.99. But you can buy it for $35.99 with coupon 20OFF. You can use it all your life. But there will be no free upgrades for life. But all these features and excellent performance are well worth the price.

For more information, read : iMazing Magazine

For Cons
1. 1. Wireless control of an unlimited number of devices
Automatic fuse
3. Smooth data transfer between devices
4. Excellent performance and unique features
5. Compatible with Apple Silicon Mac
1. Not free and a bit expensive.

2. iMobie AnyTrans – 2nd best (36% off)

AnyTrans was voted #2 in our list of top 10 iPhone management software. AnyTrans has a wireless backup feature. It has almost every other feature you need. The price is also slightly lower. A lifetime license costs just $31.99. It comes with free updates for life. It is a very popular, reliable and widely used alternative to iTunes. I have personally used AnyTrans in the past and check it regularly to update this site’s review. My experience was incredible. It is available for Windows and Mac.

You can read this review of AnyTrans to know more.

For Cons
1. Transferring content via a wireless network
2. Wireless fuse
3. Large IU
4. Great performance
1. Not for nothing.

3. DearMob iPhone Manager – better performance (50% discount)

DearMob iPhone Manager is one of the top 10 best iPhone management tools today. He is currently in third place (second). This iPhone manager is available for Windows and Mac.

If you need a very stable and fast iPhone manager that can also install applications from any .ipa file, then this iPhone manager is for you. It can install the app without the App Store on iOS devices. A jailbreak is not necessary. You also get excellent performance with this alternative to iTunes. All these assets make it the third best iPhone manager on our list. Its price point is also ideal for the .COM audience. You can get a lifetime license for 2 PCs or a Mac for just $29.95.

For more information, read : DearMob iPhone Manager Overview

For Cons
1. Synchronization and transmission
2. Excellent performance
3. Powerful Application Administrator
4. Installing applications without the App Store
5. Backup and Recovery
1. No radio transmission
2. No melody manager
3. Not for nothing.

4. IOTransfer is the best and cheapest

If you are looking for the cheapest iPhone manager, then IOTransfer is the right one for you. It can perform all basic media and other file transfers easily and wirelessly. It also has a few other additional features that can be useful in many cases. But the price of IOTransfer starts at $14. This is the reason why many people have chosen this iOS manager. That’s why I ranked it fourth in my list of the best iOS management apps. However, if you are considering it for your Mac, don’t. Since IOTransfer is only available on Windows.

For more information, read : Rating of IOTransfer

For Cons
1. One-click transmission
2. Wireless transmission
3. Cheap
1. Not feature rich

5. MediaTrans is the best if you want to removeDRM

WinX MediaTrans is another popular and useful iPhone operating software. It has all the necessary functions for data transmission. It has no wireless transmission function. But it has an interesting feature that many other similar programs do not have. MediaTrans can remove DRM from Apple Music, iTunes movies, apps, etc. So if you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can remove DRM and save the songs as a normal MP3 file on any device. This is a useful feature that many users may need. The price is not bad either. Elsewhere, the price can seem expensive. But for viewers, it’s only $29.99 for life.

WinX MediaTrans is only available for Windows. For Mac, you can use MacX MediaTrans.

For more information, read on: WinX MediaTrans at a glance

For Cons
1. Fast media transfer between PC/Mac and iOS devices
2. Ringtone Maker
3. DRM Remover
1. No wireless data transmission
2. Non-functional

6. Aiseesoft FoneTrans

FoneTrans is another great iPhone management software with useful features. The discounted price is similar to that of IOTransfer, but slightly better. The cost of a lifetime license is only $14.98. It is an excellent value for money. Aiseesoft FoneTrans can transfer content between devices, back up and restore contacts, and do a few other things. This iPhone management software is available for Windows and Mac.

To learn more, please read : Aiseesoft FoneTrans Overview

For Cons
1. One-click transmission
2. Ringtone Maker
3. 1. Backing up and restoring contacts
4. HEIC in JPG format
1. Limited capacity
2. No wireless data transmission

7. TenorShare iCareFone

iCareFone is another good alternative to iTunes for Mac and Windows. This iOS manager does not have extensive features. But it has some unique features that have made it one of the best iPhone management software. You can transfer media between iOS devices and computers. You can also make backups and restore them if necessary. But social app data transfer and iOS system recovery are two unique features. You can easily transfer data and WhatsApp rules between iOS and Android. You can also fix common iOS errors with TenorShare iCareFone.

For more information, read the TenorShare iCareFone review.

For Cons
1. 1. Transfer media content between iOS and Windows/Mac
2. Backup/Restore iTunes
2. Transferring social app data between iOS and Android
3. Restoring an iOS System
1. No radio transmission
2. It’s a bit expensive.

8. Wondershare TunesGo

TunesGo is another popular iPhone manager available for Windows and Mac. It can transfer files between iOS devices and PCs and back up and restore efficiently. It has all the necessary functions to control your iPhone/iPad. But the price is a little higher. Nevertheless, his performance is remarkable.

You can read the TunesGo review for more information.

For Cons
1. Transfer, backup/restore iPhone/Android content
2. Ringtone Maker
3. Full iPhone backup and recovery
1. No radio transmission
2. It’s a bit expensive.

9. dr.fone – Transmission (iOS)

dr.fone Transfer for iOS is another popular program. But it’s more of a porting program than a true iPhone manager. The price is higher. But the performance is pretty good. If you need the best data transfer program, you can choose it.

But to find out more, read on: Overview of dr.fone Transfer (iOS)

For Cons
1. Transfer, backup/restore of multimedia contents, contacts, SMS, etc.
2. App Manager
3. File Management
1. No radio transmission
2. A little expensive
3. Limited capacity

10. FonePaw DoTrans

DoTrans is another iPhone manager you might consider. It can transfer media files between devices. It also has features like ringtone creation. However, it does not have a wireless transmission function. DoTrans prices start at $39.99.

For more information, read : DoTrans Overview

For Cons
1. 1. Transferring media files between iOS devices and a computer
2. Transfer between Android and iOS
3. Ringtone maker
1. No radio transmission
2. Dear

11. iTools

iTools is another iPhone manager you can try. This software is not very well known in the community. But it has some unique features that have made it attractive to a whole category of users. It might not take its place in the top 10 iPhone managers. However, if you need a feature like GPS swapping, consider using it. Prices start at $31 per PC.

For more information, read : iTools Overview

For Cons
1. WiFi Sync
2. GPS spoofing
3. Screen mirror
1. Some performance issues
2. Some antivirus programs give false positive results

12. Mobikin Assistant for iOS – Honorable mention

It didn’t make our list of the 10 best business apps for iPhone. But you can also use the Mobikin assistant for iOS. It has very basic functions. Therefore, it may not be very attractive to many users. But you can always try if you want. Costs start at $29.95 per year.

For more information, read on: Overview of Mobikin Assistant for iOS

For Cons
1. 1. Backing up and restoring iTunes
2. Transferring multimedia content between devices
1. Non-functional
2. The user interface looks outdated

Here are the top 10 business apps for iPhone. I’m sure there are other interesting programs out there. But these looked better to me. However, if you have used any of these programs, please do not hesitate to share your experience in the comments section.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about best iphone manager free and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best iPhone Transfer Software?

The iPhone is a great device, but transferring your data from one iPhone to another iPhone can be a pain. You can always use iCloud, but what if you don’t want to use that service? Apple doesn’t really have any official options for transferring data. Thankfully, we are here to help you find the best iPhone transfer software. We all love Apple, but every time we get a new mobile device, we often end up carrying a bunch of files and documents from one mobile device to the next. One of the most tedious tasks for iPhone owners, however, is figuring out how to transfer files from their old iPhone to their brand new one, all while ensuring that those files are secure and that nothing gets lost in the process. Thankfully, our iPhone transfer software solution makes the whole file transfer process quick and easy.

Is iPhone manager safe?

Back in May, Apple released its second “upgrade” to iOS in the form of iOS 7. The overall design of the software was mostly the same, but it had received a massive UI overhaul and there were new wallpapers. By June, Apple was already preparing for its next upgrade, iOS 8. The beta was released in mid-June to developers, and it has been slowly and steadily being improved upon ever since. The software is extremely buggy, and it has been the subject of a lot of criticism from users and bloggers. iMyFone iTransfer is a Mac iPhone manager software that can help you to transfer and manage your iOS data on your Mac quickly and easily. With it, you can manage all your iPhone files, including music, videos, apps, photos, etc. Can’t transfer files from iPhone to Mac because of iTunes issues? Just download and install iMyFone iTransfer and it will be better.

Is DearMob iPhone manager free?

DearMob is an iPhone manager which allows you to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, transfer data from iPhone to computer, transfer data from computer to iPhone, and transfer data from iPhone to iPhone easily. It is a totally free iPhone manager that does not require you to jailbreak your iPhone to use its features, and it will only take you a few clicks to use it. DearMob iPhone manager is an iPhone manager that can help you transfer files between your computer and your iPhone. While the app is free to download, if you want to use the full version, you’ll need to pay $4.99. This app is for those who are looking to simplify their file management workflow. Do you think that you’ll be able to find a free iPhone manager app that does exactly what DearMob iPhone manager does?

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