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You’ve probably seen this absurdly bad trend permeating the Animal Crossing community. But hey, one man’s joy is another man’s sorrow, right?

The aesthetic of the dumpster brings that city feel to your island, as well as a lot of clutter.

If you want to get started with dumpster assembly, this list of ideas will surely please you.

So gather up your most nerdy items, your craziest custom items, and lots of crap, and let’s get started.

15. Abandoned petrol station

image source by @kelsie.acnh

No dirt island is complete without an abandoned gas station.

To do this, you must first enter a few simple characters. You can then customize it with graffiti, wood panels and metallic textures.

You can also add lots of bamboo, custom supports and barrels to tie it all together.

Complete the scene with old gas pumps and chairs.

14. Prison Court

image source: @crossing_horrors

Bring dumpster style to your garden with this whimsical design.

Here’s how you can do it:

The first thing you need to do is get some bars to mark out the area.

Then you can add custom stone floor designs to really match that landfill theme.

You can even salvage broken glass to customize your single panels and put them outside.

Finally, add a few different barrels, a silo, a battery, and a dumpster (of course) to finish things off.

13. Scrap iron depot

Image source by @jiwe618

With this design, you can turn your garden into a real dumping ground.

First, you will want to add some simple panels to the outside of your home, and you can adapt them to any type of metal structure.

Make sure you get a custom design for the metal floor and install it in your yard as well. It is even possible to have a metal grill to match the design.

Top it all off with lots of trash bags, garbage bags, car tires and paper holders scattered around the yard.

12. SOS station

Image source by @fatalcollapse

Try this SOS station on your peninsula to take your waste theme to the next level.

For this playback, you will need a simple table, a laptop and some recording equipment.

And don’t forget to put a chair there.

Then, finally, drop the lamp with the scattered papers.

This design seems to have the right amount of waste and usability. So if you want balance, try it yourself.

11. Rescue dump site

Image source: Plumbers Lips

This pile of garbage may remind you of the original garbage dump in the first Animal Crossing game.

Why we would do that, I have no idea. But let’s build it anyway.

The first thing you need to do is bring as many boxes as you can, as well as garbage bags.

Make sure you have plenty of scattered paper, and put some trash cans there too.

Then add a bicycle, some old barrels and maybe some bugs to finish the look.

10. Urban run-down housing

Image source by @starsetting

Change the house of every villager in this bad neighborhood.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have enough custom metal shelves to start with. You can also use some of these patterns to customize simple panels.

Then don’t forget to add some fencing and straw bales to keep with the theme (we want it to look natural, but scruffy).

You can also add a few stone objects, tire toys, statues and bicycles to create an eclectic mix of items. Like a dump, huh?

Finish off with stacks of cardboard wherever you can.

9. Hazardous waste area

Source of image for dead @

Everyone wants a hazardous waste dump on their island, right?

I mean, I hope not… But if you want, you can take a look at this.

You should have hazardous waste templates that you can use to set up simple signs. This is the first step, and probably the hardest.

Don’t forget to add nail fences, lots of rocks and western-style stones.

You can even add gas masks to complete the look.

Complete the space with lots of scattered papers and trash bags that you feel comfortable with.

8. Achterpad

image source by @nooAm013

It’s really a mix of an urban theme with a trashy aesthetic. And that’s why I’m here.

To do it yourself, first install custom concrete floors to create a real city feel.

You can then add prison bars to the outside to complete the theme, as well as custom single panels.

Don’t forget to add lots of lying around cardboard, paper and garbage bags, as well as cracked floor grates or concrete structures.

If you are looking for design ideas, you can always check this gallery.

7. Former repair shop

image source from @moroutai.cross

Ah, yes, the old abandoned repair shop.

If you want to do it yourself, simply design a custom tile to create your company’s floors. Then you can start filling it with all sorts of worthless things your heart desires.

And I mean, you can add just about anything to this, like bikes, refrigerators, car tires, and old chairs.

Don’t forget to add garbage bags and cardboard boxes. That’s a fact.

Then finish the look by applying broken glass and graffiti to separate plain panels.

6. Garbage truck

image source: @moroutai.cross

Take the dumpster to the next level with this incredible (still crappy) van.

Start by placing the custom panel according to the van’s design. We also want some old rusty junk to keep the gas pump running.

You can also put dirty objects everywhere, such as barrels, gasoline cans, car tires, and cardboard boxes.

Wire fences also work well in this area.

And if you feel at home here, you might want to spruce it up a bit!

5. Pawnbroker

image source from @moroutai.cross

We can bring different vibes to our island with this pawn shop dumpster design.

I would say that a well adjusted brick floor pattern is needed to create this area.

Once you have defined this set, you can start adding stacks of scattered papers and magazines and whatever else you want.

You can also customize some of the simple broken glass and wall panel designs.

Don’t forget to add vending machines, a jukebox, and a surfboard to fit in with the theme (which is mostly chaotic and neutral at this point).

Complete the picture with a stack of books and a bench for your residents to sit on and enjoy the messy landscape.

4. Garbage dock

image source from @escape.cross

Here’s a super simple idea that’s really industrial.

You must first dig a large lake on your island, but don’t forget to leave a smaller island in the middle.

If you dredge the lake, leave a strip of land from the bottom to your small central island. You can then use a special construction similar to an old metal bridge.

Decorate the outside of your patio (and island) with simple, customizable graffiti panels and jail bars to match this industrial theme.

Complete the look with an iron fence, some markers and lots of cardboard boxes.

3. City Point

Image source: unknown

Even an urban island can have dirty interiors.

To make this piece, you’ll first need a set of simple plates. You can then customize them with broken glass and graffiti designs (I love those broken window designs!).

Maybe a scary fence and bamboo seating to continue the theme.

Then add a rock with even simpler panels to give it the look of an old indoor restaurant.

Don’t forget to add stone steps leading up to the cliff.

Complete the look with a custom booth where you can place a television to create the illusion of a billboard. Cool!

2. Electric City

image source by @berrybaytiff / @chelleycrosses

Scranton, huh? Electric City!

Bring the broken city vibe to your island with this awesome design.

You can start by adding lots of simple panels with broken glass, graffiti and brick patterns.

Then, to match the theme, you can also add fences made of rope and cardboard boxes.

Finish the look with prison bars and canteen signs – and lots of electricity poles, of course!

1. Waste disposal Entry

Image source by @escape.cross

This design really looks like the entrance to a recycling plant.

And if you want to look at the dumpster, this idea can be an excellent view.

The first thing you need to do is choose a custom stone pattern to place in your chosen space. It can also simulate concrete or road surfaces.

Then you can add loose boards, lots of barrels and cardboard boxes everywhere. Let’s mix this place up.

Then complete the look by adding a few lighthouses, a phone booth and some streetlights.

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