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Google product review update: What do you need to know?

A new algorithm has been developed by Google for product reviews. Here we have explained the new update to the Google product review.

Google product review update: What do you need to know?

Google is constantly adding new features and updates to improve search and show you the most useful information. This time it was a product review update. People share product reviews online that provide detailed information. So this update is designed to reward higher quality content over less useful content in product reviews.

What’s in it?

According to Google, reviews must be written in English. Most importantly, it is written based on qualitative and original research and in-depth analysis. Especially if they are written by experts and professionals with relevant knowledge on the subject, they will be rewarded. This does not mean that Google will penalize thinner content. But, it will promote your content among better quality pieces.

It is therefore important for you, as a business owner, to have an overview of the content of the reviews in order to make your website score better compared to your competitors. According to the experts at Design ME Marketing, content that scores on the first page is just the beginning of the journey, not the end. Among other marketing strategies, content is the first step you start with.

Is this a major update?

Google has confirmed that this is not a kernel update. This concerns only the display of useful information. It’s also a standalone update, which is very different from Google’s regular updates. New information deserves a higher priority. Simply put, this means that the content is bad, but more valuable, higher quality content will appear before the old information.

Nevertheless, Google advised that website rankings are improving and confirmed that there are no problems with websites not working properly after a kernel update. As a business owner, many questions may arise in your mind: Has something changed? What exactly needs to be changed to make it work better after a kernel update, etc.?

Objects to repair

As mentioned earlier, the emphasis is on producing well-informed and thoughtful content. Therefore, it is not only important to create useful content for users, but also to integrate Google recommendations into product reviews. Keep these elements in mind before evaluating the content:

  • The product content must contain original information and expert product knowledge.
  • In addition to the information you provide as a manufacturer, it must include complete descriptions, such as… B. how it is used and what the product is known for.
  • How is your product unique from other manufactured products?
  • After doing research, present the advantages, features and disadvantages of your product to the users.
  • Explain your product journey, inform users of improvements and help them make a purchase decision.

If your website produces product reviews, you definitely want to rank higher in the SERPs. To understand whether or not your brand is affected, it is important to look for better product reviews.

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