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Wolves are some of the most elegant but deadly creatures to be found in Valheim, and their possession gives you several advantages.

These versatile creatures run fast, deal deadly damage, and can take out even the biggest enemies.

Taming a wolf can be a challenge for most players, but with the right strategy and knowledge you can make these beasts loyal and fight on your side.

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What can you do with Wolf?

Taming the wolf has many benefits for players, and one of them is the ability to ward off and kill other creatures in Valheim.

The wolf has a powerful bite and is fast enough to chase down, and kill, any enemy it sees.

Players who tame the wolf can communicate with it so it follows them everywhere.

If you have more than one wolf, you can breed them to increase their population in your house or fortress.

Wolves offer good protection if your home is attacked. They can engulf enemies and kill them in seconds.

You can also use wolves as farm animals, provided you have at least two of them left if you decide to kill them for their resources.

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How do you tame a wolf in Valheim?

To tame the wolf, you must feed it raw meat or sausage without being seen, because the wolf must not be aggressive.

A wolf that can’t smell you or is no longer aggressive towards you will try to eat domesticated food nearby.

To feed the wolf, you have to put the food he prefers on the ground and wait for him to eat it.

After the wolf eats its first bite, its state changes from hungry to acclimated, then it indicates its skill level.

When your wolf reaches 100% obedience, he is tamed and will now be loyal to you and your allies.

From now on, wolves will feed only during the day or night, depending on when they are laid or attracted, and taming will cease until that time.

How to make a wolf trap

There are many ways to catch a wolf, but these two methods are the best for catching and taming a wolf.

It will be stealthy, and you should avoid noticing it once it’s in the trap, otherwise it will interrupt the taming and may even attack and destroy your trap.

Mooring piece

The Stakewall trap is easy to build; just make a wall of about 2×2 or 3×3, with one wall replacing the door.

If the wolf chases you, run to the pole wall trap and prepare to block the wolf’s attack with a parry.

If you manage to parry Wolf, he will be stunned for a short time, which is enough for you to run outside and close the door.

It is best to leave the meat in the trap before you lure the wolf, as it may become aggressive if you throw the meat outside the door.

Once the wolf is inside, make sure it doesn’t notice you by hiding behind the wall of stakes and sneaking in when you’re close.

If the wolf tries to destroy the walls of your stacks, use the hammer to fix them, but avoid running away or he will see you.

Pit Trap

The pit trap is used in such a way that the wolf cannot escape from most sides, so you only need to close and open the door or gate.

Dig out two or three blocks and form a square or rectangle (any other shape will do) and make sure there is a path for the wolf to enter.

Place the door and open it before going outside to find the wolf (leave the meat so you don’t have to drop it later) and capture it.

Once the wolf is trapped, either parry its attack to stun it, or just run away and quickly close the gate or door behind you.

You can clearly see the wolf from above, but it may be necessary to put up at least one wall or half a wall so it can’t see you.

Food for wolves

Currently wolves only eat raw meat and sausage, but the two seem to be equally tame, so raw meat is best.

You can throw in a few piles of raw meat or sausages and wait for the wolf to eat them one by one while it’s tamed.

The next one can be fed to the wolves:

Wolf spawning area

Wolves are born in the mountains of the biome and tend to linger in the depths of the biome or on the flanks of the mountains of the biome.

Wolves can be tamed earlier in the game by running to the biome hill and luring the wolf into a nearby trap.

Releasing wolves usually happens when the time of day changes, and this also means that if you trap a wolf, it may release after a while, so you’ll have to stay nearby to tame one.

Wolf falls

Like most creatures in Valheim, the wolf drops certain items randomly or guaranteed.

Wolves drop the next one:

Article Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Raw meat 1 (40%) 2 (80%) 4 (100%)
Wolf’s tooth 1 (40%) 2 (80%) 4 (100%)
Wolfskin. 1 (100%) 2 (100%) 4 (100%)
Wolf Trophy 1 (10%) 1 (10%) 1 (10%)

Wolf Level

The higher the wolf’s level, the larger it is, and its fur is tinted red, making it scarier than its weaker relatives.

Health and damage increase with each level of Wolf, resulting in the following stats:

Wolf statistics Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Wolf Health 80 160 240
Damage caused by a wolf 70 (slash) 105 (slash) 140 (slash)

There doesn’t seem to be a weakness for wolves in Valheim, but they can be easily killed after parrying as they take a long time to recover.

How do you raise wolves?

You can start breeding wolves if you have two or more that are already tamed, and wolves of different levels can mate with each other.

To raise wolves, just feed them both and they will mate if they are around long enough.

A good technique for raising wolves is to build a pen and throw a pile of raw meat or sausages in it, and they will breed continuously even when you are not around.

There can only be a limited number of wolves in an area for them to reproduce, and the larger the habitat, the greater the reproduction.

After two wolves have mated, a cub is born, which becomes a full-fledged wolf, retaining the level of its parents.

If you breed wolves of different levels, the cubs will get a random level from one of their parents.

Wolves will breed even if they follow you, and you can use this to your advantage to keep them from straying if you don’t have a breeding cage.


Wolves deal a blow that deals extra damage to weaker enemies, and this damage increases with each level.

Currently, you can have the wolves follow you around, while the other tamed creatures in the game just wander around.

Wolves make excellent traveling companions and help protect your base when you are busy or away from your keyboard.

In the game, it takes about 3 days to tame a wolf, and that’s because they don’t eat at their other time.

Always raise wolves before releasing them, otherwise you may lose them forever, and don’t move too far away from them when trying to tame them, or they will get discouraged.

There is no travel portal for wolves and instead of following you to your destination, he stays on the other side.

You can make wolf armor with raw materials from wolves, including wolf capes.

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