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Deep dungeons are roguelike dungeons that span multiple floors and challenge individual players or groups to go as far as they can in search of rewards.

They also use an independent leveling and acceleration system. That way, every time you start a new course, you start at level 1 and you get new levels much faster than outside.

There are currently two deep dungeons: Palace of the Dead to start, then Heaven on High, which becomes available in Stormblood once you finish fifty floors of PotD.

Shadowbringers doesn’t have a deep dungeon, but we’ll probably see that appear with the Endwalker expansion for FFXIV.

Deep Dungeons: Bases

There are a lot of mechanics in the two deep dungeons.

They both use independent gearing and alignment systems and do not require the typical tank/restorer/DPS composition.

Deep Dungeons also changes every time you play, with new floor layouts and enemy combinations to keep the challenge fresh.

They can be played individually or in a group of up to four players.

You can find allies through the Duty Finder, but the higher levels (and higher rewards) will only be available to fixed groups – the same four players doing the same tasks as in the beginning.

Deep Dungeons is a great diversion of a lot of content from the fourteenth century.

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And Deep Dungeons is a great way to get into a new job.

Especially the palace of the dead is great. All quests start at the first level, even those that start at a higher level, like Samurai or Pistol.

Accessing these jobs can sometimes be a little difficult. So instead of learning their skills one at a time over the course of a few hours of play, they all jump out at you at once.

If you take one of these courses during a PotD cycle, you can work from the ground up and gain a better understanding of your skills in a slightly more organic way.

If you succeed, you’ll receive items, EXP, Gil, and tombstones, making the deep dungeons a great way to pass the time.

Death will take you out of the dungeon without reward or EXP, so be careful!

But you can leave the ten floors and come back later to pick up where you left off, so you don’t have to clean everything at once.

Palace of the Dead

The Palace of the Dead was introduced in Paradise and can be found in Quarrymill after completing the House of Death quest built around level 17.

The quest becomes available after defeating the Copperbell Mines for the first time in the early MSQ game.

It was originally fifty stories high and told the story of a swirling, moving labyrinth full of ghostly creatures and doomed prey. Every tenth floor has a boss fight, as well as the ability to leave the palace and get rewards.

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If you’ve been following FFXIV’s expansive, multi-layered story, defeating the fifth final boss will mark the end of a series of background characters ranging from Sastasha to the villainous Tam-Tara Deepcroft.

This is a typical story about love, grief and demons from the afterlife.

With update 3.45, the Palace of the Dead has been expanded to two hundred floors.

Floors 151-200 are open only to fixed games (i.e., same four players) who have mastered floors 1-50 without a playoff.

The Palace of the Dead has long been a favorite of my group. We were a well-practiced team of four and decided to tackle it in the traditional group setting, with a tank and a healer.

It worked pretty well, and we got through most of the first floors without breaking out.

You will also encounter chests in the game. Some increase the power of your weapons and armor in the aether pool, others decrease potions.

You will also get a small collection of disposable pomanders with a variety of effects. You can use them to strengthen your armor, dismantle traps, and reveal the entire map, but the Intuition Pomander is the one to keep an eye on.

The Pomanders of Intuition reveal the hiding places of the cursed Hoard.

Collecting coins from this hidden treasure rewards you with bags of bronze, iron, silver and gold, depending on how deep you dive.

After you leave the palace, you can take them to the expedition bishop of the quarry, where they will be judged and rewarded with servants, prestigious items and much more.

You can also stumble upon pieces of cursed treasure without the hunch pomanders, but this requires a lot of luck. So it’s best to use this article to find them for you.

My final tip for PotD?

Read about the boss’ mechanism on the fiftieth floor.

I don’t want to give anything away, but it can absolutely destroy an unprepared group by leaving a lot of work undone. It’s important to have a basic understanding of where to run to (and away from).

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Sky high

Heaven-on-High was introduced in Stormblood patch 3.45.

While players in PotD descend into ever darker depths, in HoH they must climb a tower that reaches into the heavens.

It’s a big thematic shift from PotD’s dystopian Labyrinth, with the oriental atmosphere characteristic of the Stormblood expansion.

Personally, I find Sky-High a more pleasant experience – the drudgery of the PotD catacombs gets pretty miserable after a while.

However, this second deep dungeon only becomes available after completing the first fifty floors of PotD and entering the area where it is located via the main quest line.

The sky above looks very different, but the principle of this dungeon is very similar.

It is smaller than the Palace of the Dead and only has about 100 floors. The first thirty floors contain the storyline, everything after that is just for players to challenge themselves and claim bigger rewards.

Here you start at level 60 and fight your way up to level 70, with access to almost every skill.

Heaven-on-High is not as useful as PotD, but it does give you the opportunity to experiment with different trades at higher levels.

Is it worth playing Deep Dungeons?

The two deep dungeons can suffer from repetitive gameplay, and losing all your achievements after intense battles can be demotivating.

But if you get a good solid group together and hang out in voice chat, they can provide some of the best casual group content FFXIV has to offer.

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