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Microsoft today released Windows 10 build 21364 for Insiders on the Dev channel. It contains the first overview of GUI application support on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). There are also some improvements in the task manager.

The Windows Subsystem for Linux now includes a first look at GUI application support. This means you can now use your favorite editors, tools and GUI applications to develop, test, build and run your Linux applications! Here is a video showing how it works.

Task Manager Improvements

Support for Edge process classification helps you determine resource consumption in Microsoft Edge. It categorizes them into various components such as tabs, browser processes (Browser, GPU, Crashpad), utility plug-ins (Utility: audio service extensions), specialized and service workers, etc. It also has separate icons for each process to help you identify them, including a favicon icon for the website. Check out this Microsoft Edge blog post for a detailed list of improvements. This feature requires Canary or the development version of Edge to work.

Task Manager Eco Mode is a new experimental feature that allows the user to limit the resources of processes. This also identifies which applications are already running in Eco mode. This feature is useful when you notice an application that consumes a lot of resources and you want to reduce its consumption so that the system prioritizes other applications, resulting in faster response times and better energy efficiency.

Find out how to enable Eco Mode for each process:

  1. Open Task Manager.
  2. Click on the Process tab.
  3. Right-click on the process of a child or person.
  4. Click the Eco-mode button in the pop-up menu to apply throttling.
  5. The status column of the Processes tab should indicate the Eco mode of the process.

If Eco mode is grayed out, it is a parent/group process. You can expand the process tree to apply Eco mode to any of the underlying processes. Eco mode can also be activated in the Details tab. This feature applies to a subset of insiders in the dev channel.

50-note Japanese keyboard

There is a new format for the Japanese touch keyboard, 50 on Touch Keyboard. 50 on Touch Keyboard is a popular format often used for kiosks in Japan. Allows you to intuitively type Japanese text without knowing how to place hiragana characters. With [⚙] > [50. Page Setup], you can switch to page setup 50. It also offers specially designed alphabetical and character views for page layout.

Changes and improvements

  • On the basis of the comments received, the communication which previously read: We need to modify your account (probably by changing your password) to make it more representative of what it’s for, and now we’re talking : Select to sign in to your account to continue using applications between this device and your other devices.
  • If you turn the pilot light on or off manually, for example. B. via the Action Center, the night-light will now come on immediately instead of slowly.


  • Fixed an issue causing some USB printers to stop working after upgrading to version 21354 and later.
  • The thematic screensavers are visible again in this version.
  • Fixed Explorer.exe crash that affected Insiders in recent builds.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the About page in the Settings section to sometimes appear empty.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some characters to be corrupted in the previous version’s settings, such as. B. in text These folders are not indexed in the Windows search page.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Windows Update to display incorrectly in the Settings header.
  • Fixed an issue where hard drives were incorrectly displayed as SSDs on the Disk and Volume Management page in Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where chkdsk sometimes miscalculated the elapsed time.
  • Fixed bug where some text was incorrectly displayed in the UAC dialog box.
  • Fixed bug where the address bar icon was too close to the edge when the default space was last changed in File Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug where the New Text Document button in the File Explorer ribbon did not work.
  • Fixed a bug where File Explorer would unexpectedly fail to connect for some Insiders after resetting or a clean install of their PC in recent versions.
  • Fixed an issue where the battery icon in the taskbar appeared to be at 90%, when in reality it was 100% when slightly zoomed in.
  • Fixed an issue that affected the reliability of Windows Hello on recent flights.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows Firewall generated an unexpected error when updating existing rules in Block.
  • Fixed an issue where sihost.exe could sometimes crash if you tried to use the Share option when right-clicking on an application in the Start menu.
  • Fixed a bug that affected search reliability for some Insiders in the last two builds. Please let us know if you are still experiencing problems after the update, as this could be another cause.
  • Fixed bug that caused a CRITICAL PROCESS DIED error for some Insiders in recent versions.
  • Fixed an issue that recently caused some games to crash when launching overlays with HDR enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where some images were not displaying in the clipboard history after being copied from a web page using Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed bug where Japanese IME candidate window elements could be truncated when using 200% text scaling.
  • Fixed an issue where, after using the spacebar gesture on the touch keyboard to move the cursor, the displayed state of the Shift and CTRL keys might not be synchronized with the actual state.
  • Fixed bug that prevented x64 applications from running on ARM64, such as. B. Cyberlink PhotoDirector, could detect the presence of redistributed C++.
  • Fixed an issue causing Auto HDR split screen mode to not work.
  • Added support for x64 process shell extensions on ARM64.
  • The shortcuts for viewing and printing 3D applications have been returned to the Start menu.

Known issues

  • We are following up on reports that the update process gets stuck for a long time when installing a new version.
  • News and Interests] If you press ESC to clear the popup menu opened in a popup window, the entire popup window will be cleared instead.
  • News and interests] Sometimes news and interests can’t be kept out of a pen.
  • We are currently investigating an issue that causes search items (including the file explorer search field) to no longer display correctly in a dark theme.
  • The Windows Camera application does not currently respect the default brightness settings in the new camera settings page.
  • We are working on a solution for WSL users who experience reduced performance of File Explorer after upgrading to version 21354 and above.

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