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How To Edit A Story In Instagram In 2023 – Step By Step Guide

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how to edit a story in instagram

How To Edit A Story In Instagram: Ready to give your Instagram stories a boost? In this extensive guide, we explore the realm of story editing on Instagram. From customizing content and monitoring analytics, you’ll learn how to edit Insta Stories whether you’re an experienced user or just beginning. Our clear instructions will help enhance your posts so that followers come back for more!

How To Edit A Story In Instagram

How To Edit A Story In Instagram

Instagram stories are key to engaging with an audience, as over 500 million users interact daily. Knowing how to utilize the Instagram app’s features such as text customization, stickers, filters, and music helps create better content that can boost insta story engagement levels. While you’re not able to heavily modify a published post afterwards, there are still ways of making smaller edits without taking down your entire story.

For instance, including options before/after posting, maximizing highlights, or even using external software. Below we will cover adjusting elements in-app and what third-party solutions exist when editing your Instagram Stories efficiently.

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Customizing Text and Stickers

Instagram stories can be enhanced with added text and stickers, a great way to make them interactive. Easily accessible in the upper right-hand corner of the Instagram app, the sticker icon displays plenty of fun options such as location markers, polls, GIFs, and music clips for you to use. With its own tool specifically made for text customization – choose from different fonts or colors that stand out against your pictures/videos! Mastering this art will capture audiences’ attention even more than before.

Applying Filters and Effects

Instagram Stories allow you to make use of filters and effects for creating eye-catching visuals right from your camera roll. All that is required is swiping left on the screen so as to explore an extensive variety of vintage, retro, boho filter options or even unique animations and face filters, all perfect elements for conveying creativity in a more engaging way. Reverting back to original image can be easily done with a simple swipe right motion!

Adding Music and Sound

Creating a more captivating and immersive storytelling experience for followers is possible by adding music and sound effects to Instagram stories. To do this, use the Music sticker on Stories. Search your desired song or set the specific section you want using the slider bar. These features help in establishing an atmosphere which will boost overall entertainment value of what’s being shared on social media platform Insta!

How To Edit Instagram Stories After Posting

Once you have published your Instagram story, the amount of adjustments that can be made are limited. Minor edits and changes can still be done without having to completely erase it from existence. This section covers what is available for editing an already posted story, such as changing its settings or updating tags/mentions associated with it.

Remember when crafting a successful Instagram story – content needs to appeal to audiences and visuals must capture attention. These modifications offer users the ability to polish their stories. In order to improve visibility & audience engagement even after they’ve been shared online!

Adjusting Story Settings

After you’ve uploaded your Instagram story, go to the settings menu for Control. On your profile page, select the three vertical dots located on bottom left of screen and choose “Settings”. You have now entered a section that allows customization when it comes to making stories visible or private. Adding individuals to what is known as a “Close Friends” list can be done too.

If there are any followers who shouldn’t view certain stories from you then they can be excluded by choosing the option titled “Hide Story From” within this same setting tab. This helps keep an overview of privacy and ensure content only goes out to those intended eyes.

Modifying Tags and Mentions

If you have posted an Instagram story and would like to edit tags or mentions, it is easy to do so by simply tapping the relevant tag or mention in the story then selecting “Edit”. This allows for updates without having to delete and repost your entire post.

For a more seamless look on your Story feed, use the “Hide” button when clicking on any tag or mentioned username which will blend them into background smoothly. By modifying these elements of an Instagram Story after posting can help keep things accurate while ensuring engagement with viewers!

Maximizing Instagram Story Highlights

Story highlights on Instagram offer a great chance to exhibit your most impactful content and keep it available for followers beyond the 24-hour period of regular stories. You can develop an attractive selection featuring diverse multiple stories by controlling them using story controls and crafting highlight collections.

Knowing how to create, modify, & arrange these elements will help you get the best out of your profile as well as make sure that excellent stories remain visible & accessible all the time.

Creating and Editing Highlights

Creating a new Instagram Story Highlight is simple. Just press the “+” symbol on your profile’s Highlights section, and you will be directed to an image library of all past stories from which to select for inclusion in your highlight. After picking out the ones that best suit your needs, just give it a name and add a striking cover photo before pressing “Next.”

If at any time you need to modify or include more stories into one of these highlights already made, go back onto Your Profile screen. Long-pressing over said story allows access to its edit options as well as changing both its title/cover picture if needed.

Strategies for Effective Highlight Organization

An effective way to maximize user experience and engagement on Instagram is by structuring your story highlights in an orderly fashion. You can do this either according to specific themes or topics, allowing viewers to find the content they are looking for easily.

Make sure you give each folder attractive names and customize its cover image, both of these tactics will enhance how visually appealing your profile page looks overall while also enticing them into exploring what else there might be! By putting all of this together, you should have a tidy highlight section that shows off some great stories from within it.


In closing, having a good handle on editing Instagram stories is an indispensable component in creating remarkable content that fascinates your viewers and expands the reach of your account. This article provided helpful advice such as altering fonts/stickers to assessing analytics and using external resources.

All of which will assist you in maximizing the potency of your posts. The key factor driving success comes from tweaking techniques over time while also being innovative with ideas- so don’t hesitate to be daring!

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